Electricity House Languishes… Le1 BILLION FOR EDSA NEW OFFICE

Just as the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has increased the tarrif which has added more burden on poor Sierra Leoneans who are reeling from crunching economic situation.

Many people don’t the reason for this sudden increment particularly when the consumers were not engaged on the issue and therefore have been enraged.

New Age has found that the Ministry of Energy, EDSA have neglected the 8 flour Building in the central part of Freetown which needed just few renovation and have been spending up to a Billion Leones on rents-money that they should have saved and used judiciously.

Unconfirmed reports revealed that the Ministry of Energy has rented a building at Brook Street in Freetown that they are paying up to Le 300 Million a year and that the building is owned by a senior person in government while EDSA has rented a Le 700 Million building a year to at Murray Town in the Western Part of Freetown.

The Minister of Energy has denied reports that they spent up Le1 Billion on rent, abandoning the famous Electricity House.

Minister Henry Macaulay asserted that the government is paying Le749, 900,000 (seven hundred and forty nine million nine hundred thousand Leones) for the new apartment which 690,000,000 (six hundred and ninety million Leones) goes to the owner of the building and 59,900,000 (fifty nine million nine hundred thousand Leones) goes to the National Revenue Authority as withholding tax respectively.

He continued that the decision for them to take other building came after the repeated fire outrage Electricity House, Siaka Steven Street in Freetown.

As he puts it “the government of Sierra Leone thought it fit that the ministry leaves the building for internal checkup within it.”

When the internal check up of the Electricity House will complete remains another issue.

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