As Price Of Crude Oil Drops PETROLEUM COMPANIES CHEAT SALONE- Salone Times

The price of crude oil has dropped considerable from over $100 per barrel to a record low price of $27 per barrel and most countries in the world have reduced the pump price of fuel.

Surprisingly this has not affected Sierra Leone where the pump price of fuel still remained ever since the price of crude oil reduced from $80 to $40 per barrel last year.

Now that the price of crude oil has reduced to a record low of $28 per barrel, this reduction has not affected the small West African Countries which is part of the Global Village

The pump price of fuel in the small West African Country has not been affected by this world record reduction of the price of crude oil.

This has only benefitted the petroleum companies(National Petroleum, Safecon and Total) who are making massive profits at the expense of people this is because whenever there are increment in the price of crude oil in the world, the Petroleum Companies are quick to make increment in the pump price of fuel.

Also in Sierra Leone, fuel is usually described as a ‘politically commodity’ because the price of fuel will have rippling effects on the prices on all other commodities which will impact the lives of the people.

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