Yumkella Blasts APC

Presidential standard bearer of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) Kandeh Yumkella has blasted what he referred to as the financial recklessness of the governing APC during the past 10 years.

He took a swipe at the economic policies of the Ernest Koroma led APC government while addressing NGC supporters during their final campaign rally in the Western Area at the Siaka Stevens Stadium.

Yumkella charged that the economic policies of the present government is nothing to write home about as there has been an alarming rate of inflation, unemployment, rampant corruption and hunger that has led to a steady decline in the educational sector, dysfunctional health system, epileptic power supply, lack of pure drinking water and lawlessness among others.

He specifically accused the government of grossly inflating the cost of road construction projects just to line their deep pockets and singled out Wilkinson Road as one such over bloated road project.

Yumkella also accused the APC government of promoting sycophancy, cronyism and inefficiency to a point that ministers; especially those of agriculture, education and health always abandoning their offices to flock around President Koroma, thereby transforming themselves into Road Construction Ministers.

He also stressed that they as a party are concerned about the socio-economic status of Sierra Leoneans as they have traversed the length and breadth of this country and people are yearning for a redeemer who will remove them from the bondage of poverty and over 40 years of misrule and corruption.

He promised that if elected president of Sierra Leone in few days time he would create a dynamic economy that will create jobs and wealth for citizens who has for too long being deprived of a better life.

Yumkella further promised to create a vibrant economy, where the rule of law prevails, transparency and accountability reign supreme and also made a commitment to seek the wellbeing of citizens.

He also spoke on the need to create an inclusive, fair and just society, where everyone is equal before the law because there is so much injustice in the country nowadays.

Yumkella, while outlining his vision for Sierra Leone said if elected president, he would declare a social and education emergency, tackle corruption, control leakages from government coffers, respect the constitution, empower and protect women and young girls.

On the challenges facing his presidential candidacy, he said no one would disenfranchise him and his supporters as he is qualified to take part in the elections and his political opponent cannot distract him from his focus of winning the elections.

He said it is the NGC’s right to contest the elections and would not sit down and allow the constitution to be manipulated to debar him from contesting, saying they will resist any attempt to deny him to contest this elections.

In response to remarks made by President Koroma during a visit to Kychom; that he (Ernest) will not hand over power to him, he (Yumkella) said power derives from God and the people and that is why he is always praying fervently to his maker.

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