By Emmanuel SF Wesley

The Sierra Leonean electorates will be making an important decision March 7 2018 in voting a successor to President Koroma.

The elections will be a three horse race- Samura Kamara of the ruling APC, Julius Bio of the main opposition SLPP and Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, a new kid in the block of NGC.

But before making such a life saving decision on who should run their lives for the next five years, Sierra Leoneans should first of all look at the content of the individual characters of the candidates.

Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, who was an under Secretary for the United Nations has nothing to point at in Sierra Leone as personal national contribution.

He (Yumkella) was part of the junta government of SLPP’s Julius Bio in 1992 and was of course his Minister of Trade.

It is believed it was under his reign as Trade Minister that Sierra Leone only oil refinery was sold.

Because of this act and many more, Yumkella is but seen as unfit to be Sierra Leone’s next President.

Julius Maada Bio, on the other hand, is flag bearer of the main opposition SLPP.

He was part of those Coupists who overthrew the government of President Momoh in 1992 .

He has been time countless described as a killer, who participated in the extra-judicial killings of 29 Sierra Leoneans for which he has, at one time, accepted collective responsibility.

Although the families of those 29 killed still cry for justice, the Government is yet to say anything about that.

Bio is also believed to be a corrupt politician as he was part of those persons in the sale of Sierra Leone’s passport, costing millions of dollars.

He (Bio) is part of an 18 Million Dollars scam which he cannot explain about.

With the corrupt background of Bio, it will be wise for Sierra Leoneans to know that he is unfit to be President.

Samura Kamara, who on the other hand, is experienced and has been in government for over 40 years with no blame of corruption.

He can best succeed Koroma after 2018.

As Sierra Leoneans go to the polls, it is worth noting that those of us in the media are promoters of society’s consciousness.

We also serve as those setting the agendas for the electorates too.

As the fourth pillars of democracy, it is no gainsaying that we owe it to our society in making sure our electorates determine who they choose as their next President in the next five years.

In doing so, Bio is no doubt anything to write home about.


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