Aaaaay!!! Ghost boss na party office O! “What? Who this YOHN DI RUTILE of a person think of himself? Or does he think he can buy the symbol of party FALLING SUN with money?” were questions asked by members of party FALLING SUN.

They say YOHN DI RUTILE has stolen billions from the people and now thinks he can buy votes of people to become the next Sierra Leone President.

Pordorr! YOHN DI RUTILE should first settle scores with Brother Bull whom he criminally eliminated to become the CEO of Rutile. Anyway, the time will come when SONKOH SONKOH say the hidden things without fear you know.

What about his ‘jambo’ life though? Not too sure people allow a ‘jambo’ to become the President of this republic oh!

Ah, ah, ah, not too sure cocaine and drunkenness will ever make way in this country’s politics anymore.

Enough is enough ya! For years now only a single family has become powerful, rich and of course the one having access to resources of the state at will.

But SONKOH SONKOH and family have vouched be the next to enjoy society’s resources, possibly also put a stop to

SUPREMO’s nepotism in politics.

People’s requests are that YOHN DI RUTILE should please go back to business as he is no doubt not ripe enough to speak the language of the people, not least the suffering of the masses.

They say YOHN DI RUTILE spent almost half his life in England and Angola and that he doesn’t understands the problem of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans.

Many also say YOHN DI RUTILE has enjoyed the riches of the country than he could contribute though.

His thought of becoming the leader of party FALLING SUN seems seeing him tagged a dreamer you know. U Faint late bra!


SONKOH SONKOH is but falling for SALONE TRUMP you know.

Even though people are calling him all sorts of names- a jester, a joker- they should know it, that the stone the builder rejects shall be the head corner stone.

Can anyone compare SALONE TRUMP to Lieonard who is now National Campaign Coordinator of party FALLING SUN and who without any fear has said “SUPREMO is the best president in the world.”

To the SONKOH SONKOH Lieonard is but more of a clown than SALONE TRUMP though.

Most of the things SALONE TRUMP said about the country are true.

By the way, is it not true that men have failed us?

Is it also not true that SUPREMO is unable to feed his people?
And is it not true that SUPREMO has not been able to provide jobs for the youth but claimed he would die for the youths?

Anyway, your guess is as good as mine though!

The only problem with SALONE TRUMP is that he is unable to put his thought together as KAYAINBA and of course other politicians, but as far as the SONKOH SONKOH knows he is saying the truth about how SUPREMO has failed his people.


Trouble don fordom na dis kontri ya! It seems as though everyone wants to have his own political party oh!
And it’s like everybody wants to be leader and no one wants to be follower.

SONKOH SONKOH believes KYK of United Nations fame should have formed his own political party long ago.

This is so because people have longed fed up with TORKPOI and FALLING SUN parties.

Well, KYK was once spotted as saying that he believes his father’s party (TORKPOI) is the best.

Now that he has decided to form a political party, SONKOH SONKOH wishes him good-luck but thinks he will have not much impact as CHARLIE BOY had in 2007.


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