Worst Performing Ministers 2017


Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, the current Attorney General and ditched Presidential candidate of the ruling APC.

Although he helped in establishing the Legal Aid Board, but most of its works were used to campaigning for the presidency of this country.

He has been criticized for not giving the best advice to the President and the government on the Sam Sumana Matter in the ECOWAS Court and the recent constitutional review committee recommendations, most of which the white paper rejected.


He is also one of those whose hopes of becoming President was dashed.

Ever since he was made Minister of Works some two years ago, he has not been able to facilitate the completion of the roads he met such as the Hill Cut Road and Hillside-Black Hall Road among others.

He is the Minister of works who implemented the Toll Road without an alternative


He is the chairman of the APC Youth League and one of the lackeys of the President.

He has been unable to solve the challenging problem of youth unemployment because according to critics, the government and the Minister lacks the idea of solving the problem.

World Health Organization rated Sierra Leone the worst place for young people to live.


People are still arguing the relevance of Ministry of Political and Public Affairs.

The Minister has not been able to show the relevance of her ministry as she has resorted to travelling frequently out of the country, making her the most travelled Minister.

Despite the fact that Public Service Commission has trained and recruited professionals to man the Ministry, Madam Nanette Thomas has reportedly failed to allow them a free hand to work rather she has brought on board cronies and giving them positions without them going through the Civil Service procedures.


Ever since he was appointed Minister, there has not been working the talking and the proof of the pudding has always been in the eating.

Despite the much talked about Bumper Harvest in Sierra Leone, the country is still cap in hand for left over from China.

The Chinese recently helped the people of Sierra Leone with a consignment of rice but up till now the people do not know what they have done with it.

Over and above Sierra Leone was rated the third most angry country in the world as the prices of locally produced commodities soar and this as a time when Sierra Leone has Professor Monty Jones as the Minister of Agriculture.


When Paul Kamara was the Minister of Sports, there were some semblance of sporting activities in the country.

Although people still blamed him for some of the current problems in sports but the person that was appointed to solving the problems in the Ministry has not been able to live up to expectation.

Even the President has not been able to say anything in his report card to Parliament for the past two years now about sports in the country as almost every other sporting discipline in the country is in one problem and the other.

Ahmed Khanu was initially highly rated when the President appointed him as Minister of Sports but he has failed to live up to expectation of the young people particularly in football.

Please read SALONE TIMES Next Edition if you can to know the ten most influential Sierra Leoneans in 2017.

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