Sycophantic awards have become the order of the day in Sierra Leone as most people are now giving awards to make money, but SALONE TIMES Editorial Team has decided to talk about those Ministers who do not perform well for the year under review.

MOMOUD KARGBO- He is the minister of finance that has allowed the country sink into economic abyss.

He does not seem to have any idea to cushion the current economic problems of the country other than adding more sufferings on the people, by increasing taxes on water, fuel, electricity and food.

He even presented that fuel should be sold Le 5,500 in parliament, contrary to how it is being sold now

SYLVIA OLAYINKA BLYDEN- Ever since Sylvia O Blyden was appointed Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs; she has not done anything other than involving in one controversy or the other.

She has been fighting everyone in the Ministry, dividing the workers along party lines.

Many people said that, Sylvia Blyden cannot thrive in a serene atmosphere because of her attitude and it was based on the same problems that forced her to resign as an aide to President Koroma.

BAI MAMOUD BANGURA- He is the Minister of Youth Affairs. He has been on petty politicking in his party other than solving the problems of young people.

He was on party functions when young people were killed a day after the international youth day in Kabala and up till now he has said nothing about it. It was only last week that he launched the National Youth Service with no proper structure.

MATHEW TIMBO- He is the Minister of Labour and most of the labourers don’t even know whether they have a ministry or not.

This is so because Sierra Leone still has old labour laws. Sierra Leoneans remain unemployed and foreigners are coming in to take jobs in the country. People say Mathew Timbo is weak for such ministry.

AHMED KHANOU: he is the Minister of Sports and everybody was expecting that he will do well when he was appointed but to the chagrin of many people he has been involving in conflicts in the sporting associations particularly Sierra Leone Athletics Association just like his predecessor Paul Kamara.

He said that he was going to have a national sports conference where the issues of sports will be discussed but that has been a pipe dream.

NANETTE THOMAS: Nanette Thomas is the Minister of Political and Public Affairs but it seems as if she does not even know the mandate of the ministry, this is because her ministry is one of the ministries that was created to give jobs to the girls.

She has been accused of issuing biased press releases whenever there is conflict as she will only issue press release when it involves the opposition party.

SALONE TIMES next publication will be about the 10 Most influential Sierra Leoneans.


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