World Bank Report Exposes Koroma’s Electricity Legacy

Recently, President Ernest Bai Koroma said that his government has increased the supply of electricity to over 500%.

However, the 2018 World Bank Doing Business Report that looks at key indicators such as starting a business, construction permit, getting credit, labour market regulation, paying taxes and getting electricity among others has disputed Koroma’s electricity legacy.

The report ranked Sierra Leone on Getting Electricity in the world at 178 and 39 in Africa beating countries that are grappling with conflicts such as South Sudan and Somalia.

Neighboring Guinea and Liberia are ranked at 158 and 176 in the world and 26 and 37 in Africa respectively.

The report measures reliability of supply, transparency of tariff and the price of electricity which are based on data collected as recent as June 2017.

On the issue of quality electricity Sierra Leone scored 0.0 and 0.8 on reliability of electricity putting Sierra Leone amongst countries with low electricity in the world and in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Observers believed that President Koroma has spent hugely in the energy sector more than all other Presidents in the history of Sierra Leone but that the output is nothing to write home about.

That the reason that Sierra Leone is ranked at the bottom of getting electricity is because of the massive corruption, bloated contract and nepotism in which people close to the corridors of power are given contracts to relatives despite the fact that they don’t have the required competence.

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