Witchcraft… NEC BOSS IS SICK

Reports making rounds on social media are that that NEC’s Chief Electoral Commissioner Nfa Alie is reportedly terminally sick.

It is reported that the ailment is related to witchery, which they say has caused him (Nfa Alie) having very strange feelings days ago, but has been linked to witch gun bullets.

Allusions as in the story, revealed how some strange men and women (witchcraft dwarfs reportedly imported from India) appeared to the NEC Boss and since then he has not been himself till date.

Black magic and witchcraft, as they are called, have always been associated with politics in especially Africa, which over the years, have seen people gone missing mysteriously just for power.

And at elections, parents are always apprehensive on having their children going far away from them for fear that they may be used for the purpose of black magic.

As such, when NEW AGE contacted NEC’s Spokesperson Albert Massaquoi, he confirmed that his Boss went to the hospital past Tuesday, but foe medical checkups and has since resumed work.

He said ‘if one is terminally sick, one will notice it from the person,’ continued: ‘his boss was on routine medical checkups at the Hospital.”

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