As it was, so it is now, that political witch-hunting seems taken over tables of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) as they now have themselves engulfed in fake investigation of Musa Tarawally for alleged land unprofessionalism.

September 14 2017 sadly witnessed the searching of the home of Musa by policemen attached to the criminal investigation department (CID), looking for proof regarding his alleged involvement in a reassignment of a land found lying and situate at the Aberdeen/Lumley beach when he was Sierra Leone’s Minister of Lands.

Although police found nothing of interest in Musa’s home, they have unfortunately kept him in smelly cells to make people believe his detention was permissible.

Findings by the NEW AGE are that Musa’s arrest has been precipitated by political manipulations; one reportedly orchestrated by top politicians of the ruling APC government.

Just last week when Musa returned to Sierra Leone from Gambia, after going through immigration and security checks at the Lungi International Airport, on his way to board the Sea Coach sea taxi, he was regrettably surrounded by team of uniformed and CID police officers who escorted him to the Lungi police station on the pretext that he was suspected of carrying things inimical to the state.

And although nothing was found of police interest in his possession, he was therefore few days ago, called upon by the police in Freetown, precisely by the CID boss D/Chief Supt. Mohamed B. Kamara, detained and made to spend nights in cells.

This time, it was with regard to a land at the Aberdeen/Lumley beach (BP7-BP8), which no doubt was previously leased to one Henry Tamba Bongay, who later officially transferred ownership to KBS Limited after receiving money in dollars.

The process of reassignment of the said land, we are told, was done by the PS of the Ministry of Lands legally.
It was of course authorized by Musa as then Minister of Lands, but on the request of Henry Tamba Bongay as original lessee.

But that lessee Henry Tamba Bongay later attempted reassigning the same land to another person after formerly transferring ownership to KBS Limited and was rejected by management of Tourist Board, the institution responsible
for the supervision of lands on beaches in Sierra Leone.

This, we are told, resulted in Tamba Bongay’s complaining of management of Tourist Board to the CID.

He has certainly not complained Musa for any wrongdoing at all, rather had specifically done so against Management of Tourist Board.

The surprise, however, is that the police, who many say, now do things at the behest of politicians than of the state, unfortunately had targeted Musa, who virtually had no business to the complaint under investigation because they have had orders from above.

That because politicians of the ruling APC want him nailed for misconducts, other ills, they covertly had used the police as a front.

Insider police sources say Musa has been kept behind bars not because he has committed a crime, but because the ruling APC want him back off his bid to contest for presidency under a coalition of four political parties.

The NEW AGE has been reliably informed that huge amount of money has been offered Musa to have him give up his bid for presidency under the recently formed coalition of political parties.


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