The politics of Sierra Leone has been dominated by just two political parties-the Sierra Leone People Party or SLPP and the All People Congress or APC expect for some coups and counter coups that have been happening intermittently.

These two so called old political parties in the country are responsible for the woes of the people and from all indication it does not seem like the people will be redeemed from their political predicaments soon because these two political parties continue to use the antics of tribalism, regionalism and that of treachery.

As a result of their wicked political tricks, the people continue to live in perpetual penury and massive illiteracy which are the two worse sicknesses which will destroy any nation

The All People Congress is a product of the SLPP as it was formed by disgruntled SLPP members like Siaka Stevens and others who were dissatisfied with the internal politics of the SLPP then. The APC which started as a very small party grew into one of the two leading political parties in the country.

Despite the dominance of these two political parties in the politics of Sierra Leone, they have been like parasite to other political parties especially new political parties that have the potential of posing serious threat to their thirst for power. It is for this reason that people have resigned their hope on the political potency of a new political party and the idea of a third force.

We saw how the United National Peoples Party or UNPP and the People Democratic Party or PDP as new political party fought very hard in the 1996 elections to the point that they came second and third in the polls respectively and the later going into alliance with the SLPP to form Government

The PDP and the UNPP go into political oblivion because of lack of proper internal structure and the fact that they were not able to resist the political poaching by the SLPP. The SLPP poached almost all the good people from both the UNPP and the PDP, thereby leaving the party in a desolate state.

Political Poaching and Cross Carpeting are common in this part of the world because of the politics of treachery as all the resources are being controlled by the party that will be in power while the opposition parties are left in the wilderness to die of starvation.

In 2007, we saw the emergence of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change or PMDC-a political movement which like the APC was formed out of the SLPP as a result of the disgruntlement of its chairman and Leader, Lawyer Charles Francis Margai.

The PMDC of Charles Margai changed the politics of Sierra Leone as they posed serious threats to the SLPP in their stronghold of the south and the PMDC forced the elections to go into run off which saw them backing the APC that subsequently won the elections, removing an incumbent party from power.

The seeming alliance which was formed between the APC and the PMDC subsequently destroyed because the alliance was not based on values rather it was based on egos. Thus, the APC began to poach most of the PMDC members who served as Minister in the APC or else they would be sacked. This saw lots of PMDC heavyweights resigning from their own party to enjoy the sweetness of power.

By the time we got to the 2012 elections the steam of the PMDC had greatly dissipated because Charles Margai believed that he is the owner of the party and therefore, no one should stand against his interest. So the PMDC lost all the seats it had won in the 2007 elections and became a political ridicule.

In 2012, we had the United Democratic Movement which is an offspring of the PMDC because its leader Mohamed Bangura who was the Chairman of the PMDC had some problems with the Leader of the party, Charles F. Margai.

In fact, the UDM was a very big joke in the politics of Sierra Leone as the party was just supporting the position of ruling APC and defending particularly the President. Mohamed Bangura was always in the delegation of the President, Ernest Bai Koroma.

We all saw Mohamed Bangura at the nick of time in the 2012 elections, telling all his supporters to vote President Koroma despite his name had already been printed on the ballot papers.

Recently, we have seen Mohamed Bangura resigning from his own party and rallying around the ruling All Peoples Congress, thereby showing his true colours.

Also just few weeks ago we have seen the Alliance Democratic Party or ADP battling with the APC for Constituency 30 in Bombali District which is considered as the strongest of strongholds of the APC. At that Bye Election, the polls were very close which depict Kamarainba’s ADP as a force to reckon with.

Kamarainba himself formed this new political movement because he was disowned by the ruling All People Congress and it seems as if Kamarainba has the stint the late Thaimu Bangura of PDP had but the fear of many of us who believed in the third force mentality and that one day a new political party will take up governance in Sierra Leone, is the survival of Kamarainba’s ADP.

Kamarainba should begin to read the political history of Sierra Leone and diagnose the problems that led to the death of potential third force like the UNPP, PDP and the PMDC. By doing this his political party will become a great party.

One may want Kamarainba to learn that political parties are national parties and therefore, not just the party of the founder. The personalization of PDP, UNPP and PMDC by their founders was one of the major reasons for their political death and by the way Kamarainba is going it seems as if he is treading the same path.

Another reason for the death of potential third force is political starvation which is one of the ploys that have been employed by both the APC and the SLPP to strangle potential third force. Because of political starvation the SLPP and the APC will begin to poach sober and serious minded people from those parties and as such, leaving the party bereft of potentials.

I believe if Kamarainba is able to withstand all those problems that have made potential third force dysfunctional then Kamrainba’s ADP will be the party to watch.

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