The hasty and swift plea publicly made by the 2012 Presidential contender of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party, Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, to accept the highly contentious Supreme Court’s ruling on the erstwhile Vice President Sam Sumana saga has been greeted with mixed feelings by the general populace, as such outburst has left much to be desired in the minds of critical, level headed and every forthright thinking Sierra Leoneans.

It would definitely interest the general populace to note that, this same Maada Bio, who is now calling on aggrieved Sierra Leoneans, including, prominent lawyers of high repute, civil society organizations, opposition parties, levelheaded Sierra Leoneans and the drafters of the very constitution ,which has now been put to a test by the ruling Government, to wholeheartedly  acknowledge the Supreme court’s ruling, whether right or wrong, was the same aggrieved power thirst Sierra Leonean who openly  condemned this  Supreme Court when the 2012 Presidential result was not  announced in his favor.


Bio’s clarion call without due consultation with his  party stratum who had out rightly condemned the President action to unconstitutionally removed his Vice President, and further challenged such action  in  the Supreme Court, as without doubt exposes his double standards in the party.

Let me reminiscence for a split second, This same Julius Maada Bio when the 2012 Presidential elections result was announced, he openly condemned the results and filed in a petition at the Supreme Court, and when the matter was not adjudicated in his favor, he lambasted this same very Supreme Court and the Judiciary as a whole, claiming that his party (SLPP) which he is now betraying for reasons best known to him has not been  treated fairly by the Supreme Court.

It was no secret that, Maada Bio vehemently refused to accept the Supreme Court ruling, and continued to express his frustration and dissatisfaction over the entire electioneering process, and had it not been for the intervention of religious leaders, and the Guinean President only God knows what would have been his next line of action as he was too desperate to catapult himself into State House.

After the trip from Guinea , Bio, who was seen as a forerunner in criticizing the Ernest Bai Koroma led  APC government  on various national issues, suddenly, became mute  even when the beleaguered APC party  is seen doing things that are not in the best interest of the entire nation.

So if Maada Bio is seen praise singing the ruling of this same very Supreme Court, when his political party and other opposition parties, including legal minded continue to question such decision clearly speaks volume of his betrayal not only to the SLPP but to the nation as a whole.

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