Where is our $120, 000, 00 Joseph Kamara

By Ibrahim Samura

Smashed and beyond renovation vehicle of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara seems not talk about or accounted for following a road accident at Rogbereh weeks ago.

he vehicle is reportedly worth USD 120, 000, 00 (over eight hundred million Leones correspondingly) and was involved in an accident on a Sunday (a non-working day) apparently when Minister Joseph Kamara was on his way to the provinces from Freetown.

Until now, there has not been an announcement from neither the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice or Information Ministry as to whether the Minister’s provincial trip was official or private.

The cause of accident, who is at fault, whether police intends offer prosecution as by law required or whether government intends compel the Minister for the damaged vehicle, if indeed he has used same other than the purpose, appears not to have been talked about till date.

Findings are that the police had visited the scene of accident shortly after the incident, but have done little or nothing to making sure defaulters face the full force of the law.

Public interest has been drawn to situations where drivers working for government but involved in accidents and at fault, have had their services put to on end without benefits unconditionally.

People have also questioned the integrity of Joesph Kamara who, according to them, was checking people misusing public properties at a time he was the head of the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission.

And now that he is the current Attorney General and Minister of Justice, it is expected of him doing things to the utter respect of the laws of this country and not to do the contrary as it is seemingly seen.

It is true however that the hundreds of millions spent for the purchased of such a vehicle had come from the country’s consolidated fund or taxpayer’s money and by no means must be accounted for by government.

Ever since the vehicle involved in the accident, there have been concerns from mainstream and social media users, who time countless want government explain the state of affairs of about four people reportedly rushed to the hospital for urgent medical treatment when the misfortune took place.

Not much is but also said about those persons reportedly seriously injured and was receiving treatment at the hospital.

However, Minister Joseph Kamara who was on health check observation at the Choithram Hospital has longed been discharged, and has since commenced regular public work unhindered.

What is also yet to be talked about is current location of the smashed/damaged vehicle, if it is still road worthy, how much is spent on having it repaired, or whether it’s been deserted and rendered unworthy of use.

It is also not acknowledged that a new vehicle has been procured for the Minister using millions of society’s taxpayer’s money as has always been the case.

Follow up information vis-à-vis investigation on cause of the accident will be published later.

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