When Sam Sumana Throws A Stone

By Thomas Dixon

“Hold not thy peace O God of my salvation because the mouth of the wicked and deceitful is open.”

It was the Reggae Musician, Joseph Hills who in his song “One Stone” illuminated that when the righteous man throws just a single word of truth, it will affect the treacherous people.

This is the situation with the recent interview of the elected but relieved Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana when he explained how he was unfairly treated by President Koroma and the ruling All People Congress (APC).

Shedding the light of truth On the issues that precipitated his unlawful sacking which was however upheld by Justice Valicius Thomas, Justice Nicholas Browne Marke, Justice Vivian Solomon, Justice Eku Robert and Justice Patrick O Hamilton, Sumana sent jitters down the spines of the people who are behind his controversial removal.

Sam Sumana stated that his former Boss, President Koroma is a dictator but is he wrong or right? The recent concluded convention of the ruling APC will explicitly revealed how a dictator works, as no true democrat will do what the perpetual Chairman and Leader of the APC did.

A day before the selection, Koroma threatened that anyone who disagreed with him after he would have selected his handpicked candidate will know that the he is still the Command in Chief and Minister of Defense.

And after the threat in which one of the delegates and aspirants of the Secretary General Position of the party described as a military threat, President Koroma did not only select his successor but also select the running mate for the successor.

No true democrat will hector people with military powers, rather they will try to ensure that the wishes of the people are respected.

Another situation that depicts the description of the President as not a true democrat wad when he told a local television that if he wanted a third term he would have gotten it because according to President Koroma his party has the majority in Parliament and he is the Command in Chief of the Arm Forces and that nobody would have stopped him.

This, Sam Sumana said was one of the reasons for his removal from office as the President was actually harboring third term but because of pressure from both the people and the international community, he was unable to get away with his ambition.

The third term ambition of President Koroma had some semblance of truth as the President was visible romancing with people who were propagating that idea.

It even became apparent that if one trumpeted the more time stuff, one will be easily compensated with a ministerial position as in the case of the current Minister of Youth, Bai Mamoud Bangura, the Minister of Transport, Leonard Balogun Koroma and Chairman of Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO), Robin Fallay.

Sumana in his mouth watering interview also explained that the Koroma Government is corrupt. No need for people to rain insult on him rather they should look at the veracity of Sumana’s statement.

One thing that must be noted is that fighting corruption is not all about tough laws rather it is about having the desire to implement the law without fair or favor.

Also statistics are proving that there is endemic corruption in Sierra Leone as the country is rated at the abyss of the global barometer on corruption and the recent scorecard of the Millennium Challenge Corruption.

The journalist further asked whether Sumana has a morally standing to describe a government that he was part of for 7 years as corrupt but Sumana aptly responded that a Vice President is like a spare tire.

Indeed, it was open secret that Sumana was treated like spare tire as junior minister and even presidential aid did not respect him rather they throw insult on him.

Besides, his office was even starved of resources and even his visibility on public programmes was curtailed.

Efforts to say that Sumana is corrupt by the President’s men will not hold anything because Sumana was investigated by the country’s anti-graft agency and Sumana was vindicated by the Government own anti-graft mechanism.

Sam Sumana also dismissed the idea that he abandoned his office and sought asylum in the United States Embassy, noting that his life was under threat and that he went to Fourah Bay College to save his life because the President had instructed the Head of the Presidential Bodyguard to remove all his security as a seating Vice President.

The allegation of threat on the life of the seating Vice President as well disarming his security is very revealing and a serious government will try to clarify those allegations instead of making sarcastic comments against Sam Sumana that are deflective of his former boss.

He who have eyes to see, let them see, he who have ears to hear let them hear because what Ernest Bai Koroma needs now as an outgoing President is not what Sam Sumana is saying.

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