Sierra Leoneans were last week taken aback just when it became of public knowledge that Kabbah Semeon Khalu (a businessman, years ago, accused of overindulging into “daylight robbery”) was in the envoy of President Koroma to Qatar.

Kabbah, Festus Crosbie, John Benjamin Sankoh, Festus Abionor Jones, Salieu Mohamed Barrie, Yakuba Kargbo, Daniel Dennis Mattia, Chrispin Bishop Deigh, others were some time ago charged to court for allegedly conspiring to defraud the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank of 21 billion Leones ($4,8 Million correspondingly).

As at the trial in the Sierra Leone courts, Kabbah individually was concurrently having two cases on his head and was at all times appearing for both.

The first was one referencing alleged defrauding of Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, and the other for defrauding First International Bank.

Kabbah was docked on the first case alongside John Benjamin, Salieu. M. Barrie, Festus Abionor Jones and others, all being employees of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank operating in Freetown.

The nine accused persons face seven count charges which include conspiracy to defraud, obtaining the acceptance of the cheques by false pretense contrary to section 32(2) (A) of the Larceny Act 1961, three counts of issuing cheques against insufficient funds contrary to section 42(1) of the payment system Act 2009.

On count four they (the bank officials) were charged with failure to report suspicious transaction contrary to section 121 of the anti-money laundering and combating of financing of terrorism Act No. 2, 2012.

The bankers, according to the charges, failed to report within two days to the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Bank of Sierra Leone, a suspicious personal transaction of Kabbah, chief executive officer of premier logistics to withdraw payment in the amount of Le85.5million.

Kabba also knowingly issued a cheque in the amount against which there were insufficient funds in his account at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank.

It was alleged also that on diverse dates between 3rd April 2013 and 31st May 2013 in Freetown with intent to defraud, conspired with others unknown to defraud the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank in the sum total of Le21.11 billion, and that on the said dates with intent to defraud, Kabbah induces the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank to accept cheque issued by him, amounting to the sum total of Le78,400,000 by falsely pretending that his Ecobank Account No. 1003800023101 had funds to meet the amount on the cheque.

That Kabba knowingly issued a cheque in the amount of Le85, 000,000 against which there are insufficient funds in his account at the Ecobank.

Kabba and six others were also arraigned before the court to answer to 2 count charges of conspiracy to defraud and obtaining credit under false pretense contrary to section 13(1) of the Debtor Act 1869.

It was further alleged that Kabbah on a date between 1st January 2012 to 31st May 2013 with intent to defraud conspired with others unknown to obtain from the First International Bank money in the sum total of $1, 095, 802, 69 which is equivalent to Le5, 600,000,000,000 made repayable into Zhesiana Zhonggoa Power Technology (Zzpt) (Sl) at the Sierra Lone Commercial Bank Siaka Stevens Street Branch with account No. 001-0122 976-11-01-1.

The allegations above unavoidably resulted in state house convening a press briefing, which saw President Koroma referring to the immodest activities of Kabba and others as no less than “daylight robbery.”

Seeing the very President Koroma now lately traveling with a ‘day light robber,’ Kabbah in his official diplomatic trip to the Republic of Qatar rings the alarm bell that Sierra Leone seems slowly becoming a walks yard of wheeler dealers, who could do anything for money.

Kabbah’s recent outing with the President has raised grave anxiety in minds of the Sierra Leone public and as a result has seen many questioning the government use of public’s moneys on individuals of questionable characters, who also have no business in governance.

NEW AGE’s attention has also been drawn to recent state house release in which one Fasally Tarawally was appointed special trade envoy without salary, but same will be use to sadly lure honest investors into putting their moneys they may end up not have back in the future.

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