By Abdulrahman Koroma

As the population and housing census is to commence on 5th December 2015, the Acting Chairperson of Western Rural District has condemned the recruitment policy of Statistics Sierra Leone in employing enumerators.

Margaret Kargbo (Acting Chairperson) made this statement during President Koroma’s “Thank You tour” to Sierra Leoneans at the Western Rural District last Friday at the Basa Town Field, Waterloo Village.

 She claimed that Statistics Sierra Leone went on to employ people who are not residents of the District to do the counting process.

Margaret said the people who are in-charge should have recruited residents of the District instead of importing different people from other areas to do the counting.

“Indigenes of the district can communicate better to the people and should have been the key pillar in the process,” she said.

She further urged the President to ask those who are leaders in the process to revisit their list and employ the right people to do the work effectively.

In his opening remarks the Chairman of the Ceremony Hon. Claude D M Kamanda said Western area Rural District is the fastest growing district in Sierra Leone.

He added that the Western Ruaral district should be recognized when developmental programmes in the country are being allocated. He lamented that people in Ministries Departments Agencies (MDA’s) have refused to recognize them as a district.

“Recognizing us as a district includes giving the district what it deserves,” he said.

He asked the president to include the district in the post Ebola recovery plan due to the pivotal role played by the district in the fight to eradicate the virus out of the Country.

Meanwhile the CEO of the National Ebola Response Center (NERC) Alfred Paolo Conteh thanked the stakeholders of Western Rural District for their resilient effort by making sure that the transmission chain was cut-off.

He added that the people of the District must not be complacent and make sure they observe all the necessary precautions.

“In the fight against Ebola, I observed that if Sierra Leoneans choose to fight together and making sure that they observe the rules and regulations of the land, and if people who are appointed to lead in various positions play their role the Nation will conquer every obstacle that tends to spilt us apart,” he submitted.

In his statement, the President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma said the fight against Ebola was not won by one person, but the fight was championed by deferent facets in the country.

The president said survivors must be taken seriously because they are the fighters that give the Nation the hope of defeating the Virus.

He said his Government would unveil a free medical programme for all Ebola survivors in the country which commences in the post Ebola recovery plan.

He added that school will be free in the next two years and students will enjoy school feeding programme for six to nine months.

“The epidemic teaches us that programmes must be entrusted to the residents of every community, my government will make sure that all areas benefit in the post Ebola recovery,” he said.  


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