Website On Election Data Platform Out

Chief Executive Officer of LAM-TECH Consulting Enterprises Tamba Lamin said he has set up a website with the National Electoral Commission on elections data platform.

He made this statement on Thursday 25 January 2018 at a press conference held at the Independent Media Commission (IMC) Conference Hall, Siakia Steven Street in Freetown

Lamin told journalists that they will also be profiling candidates and political parties, and that it will show boundary delimitation, polling centers or stations, voter registration center, electoral news articles and electoral violence incident reports.

He went on to say that you can access the information on their website, pointing out that as an IT company they spent a lot of money to create the website.

He explained that as a Sierra Leonean he would provide the necessary tools for people to get accurate information on the election.

He further stated that he has officially sent letters to all the political parties concerning the website but that none of them has replied.

He said that he would also write letters to newspapers, radio, television about their articles so they would publish them.

He added that Lamtech has trained students from IPAM, Njala, UNIMAK and that they have a total of 12,406 volunteers for the 11,799 polling station.

He said that they are partnering with the Ministry of Information and communication, Right to Access information, Independent Media Commission, Sierra Leone Open Data council and Women Situation Room.

Chairman of IMC, Amb. Alie Kanu advised journalists that social media is very dangerous and that people should be conscious

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