Waterloo Voters May Be Disenfranchised

By Alhaji Koroma

Citizens residing in the Western Area Rural District, in particular Waterloo have expressed concerns of them being disenfranchised in the March 7th general elections must NEC and other stakeholders fail to extend the voters registration Exhibition period.

They say the extension provides a platform for more Sierra Leoneans to verify their registration details.
Date for the exhibition was slated for August 22nd -28th 2017, but has expired, with number of persons complaining of not being able to verify their registration.

People in Waterloo have described the time slated for such registration as imperfect and unfair.

Habib Thorpe, District Chairman SLPP Western Area Rural District said the exhibition period is very short and does not allow the electorates to verify their information details.

“We are in the rains and some communities in Waterloo are not accessible owing to floods,” he said.

Brima Tejan Kanu, Chairman Western Area Rural District Youth Coalition said the time table for the exhibition has the tendency to disenfranchising voters.

“How can you register people for several weeks and just give them few days to verify their registration,” he said.
He asked that NEC consider the fact that some Muslims are yet to verify because they are on pilgrimage to Mecca.

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