By Abdulrahman Koroma

The Councilor of Ward 383 in the western Area of Freetown called Emanuel Saidu Conteh,  organized a one day consultative meeting with stakeholders, business people and community people with the theme “Local Governance and Cooperate Social Responsibility” at the Provilac School compound on Saturday 31st October 2015.

Councilor Emanuel said without a verified statistical research their rough estimate shows that there are more than 200 of varying shapes and sizes within their ward.

He added that it is necessary but it is not incumbent on the corporate entities to contribute to the development of their ward which unfortunately been the case in an organized manner in the past.

Councilor Emanuel maintains that politicians who have the sole mandate to bring business and people together have not been doing much about it.

“Apart from our failure to unite the people and business we have not attempted to ask them in an organized manner like we have done now to fulfill their legal cooperate and social responsibility to the community,” he said.

Emanuel said in that regard their gathering is the first organized effort by politicians and citizens of ward 383 to meet with business people and request for their help to develop their community.

He continued that they hope the business people will take advantage of the situation and make it happen.

Councilor Emanuel said they organized the consultative meeting on the Theme “Local Governance Cooperate social Responsibility” on the bases that their people must know and appreciate the business community within the ward and for the business community to know the people.

He added that they also want to share with the business community their challenges, especially the resource constrains of the community and how the business people and the community will find a solution to solve them.

Councilor Emanuel stated that the meeting was also organized in order for the business community to contribute their own share in terms of cooperate responsibility in going and identifying projects within the ward.

He said they specifically want to form a partnership between the Councilor, Ward stakeholders, cooperate entities and citizens of the ward to undertake appropriate measure in supporting the works of the Councilor in the Ward.

In his statement the Chief Administrator of Freetown City Council said the councilor has demonstrated that every citizen has what he can to develop a nation.

He said that what Councilor Emanuel Saidu Conteh has done is a reminder that people in Ward 383 must take ownership of their community.

He said the councilor has shown that he is accountable to his people. He added that in his one year period in the Freetown City Council he has never witnessed such occasion from any councilor in the council.

“If only all the councilors in the 112 constituency in the country are emulating what councilor Emanuel has been doing in his ward, burden will be reduced on us the Parliamentarians,” Hon. Shaw Sawyer admitted.

He said the Councilor is showing the actual definition of a nationalist and he must be commended for his kind gesture.

He admonished the People that they should be addressing issues that matters to their needs rather than waiting for the government to solve all their problems.

Dr. Lucian Turay a representative from the Congo Town Association said their Organization was founded by some key stakeholders from the community that has been given what they can to their community.

He said among other things, they have been helping children to acquire good and quality education because they want to see people that will be more than them in the future.

He added that the Councilor has demonstrated that the Monies he has been collecting were directed to the right path in the community.

In the capacity of a Guest Speaker, John B Sesay the Chief Executive officer of Sierra Rutile Company said the councilor has bestowed his confidence for the future.

He said that it is good that the community is coming together to foresee the future.

He added that some business entities sees cooperate social responsibility as a dust bin which his own company has taken very seriously and that has led to their success and they have been doing it because they are in the country to stay.

“Sierra Leone is not just for one man everybody needs to come onboard to develop this great nation,” he said.


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