The Police in Sierra Leone have declared wanted one Alfred Amadu Kargbo for allegedly causing the death of Madam Mariama and her two grandchildren.

Findings are that Alfred who lost his father at age 16, in Daru, in the eastern part of Sierra Leone, was later relocated to Kono District, where incidentally he was adopted by one Aiah Musa, a goodhearted gentleman who unfortunately had no child.

Just when Alfred was reintegrated into the society by the goodhearted but childless gentleman Musa, he (Musa) unfortunately died of heart attack, which no doubt marks the beginning of more problems in life of young Alfred.

To this, however, saw Alfred engaging into farming for livelihood, possibly also to support his education.

Reports have it that on a fine sunny day (2nd Februry, 2014) Alfred lighted up a portion of land he has brushed for farming, but sadly wasn’t able to control the blazing firestorm, the result of which later saw the fire transferring to a neighbouring farm house, burning and killing Madam Mariama and her two grandchildren, who respectively were trapped in the said farm house.

Police sources say Alfred has been on the run and that ransom money has been set aside for anyone helping police locates him.

Eyewitnesses account state that Alfred went into bush burning purposely for his living and, to support his education, that he was unaware of the diversion of the fire that resulted in the deaths of Madam Mariama and her two grandchildren.

That it was after he noticed flames coming from the farm house, which according report was having flammable items such as oil, rice, onion, beans, kerosene, etc, that he had made an alarm but by the time people could come to his aid, it was too late.

Just after the incident, the family of the departed made statements to the police and since then there has been searches for the whereabouts of Alfred.

Family members have also threatened to do harm to Alfred anywhere he is seen.

But till date, the whereabouts of Alfred is not known.

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