Hon. Amadu Mohamed Kanu of constituency 086, Moyamba district has said that NaCSA will provide US$ 7 Million project for the people of Ribbi chiefdom.

Hon Kanu made this statement on Thursday 17 September 2015 in a meeting held at Bradford Court Barray in the Moyamba district.

He explained that the project will involve the construction of a hospital, markets, roads and others.

He advised the section chiefs, speakers and other stakeholders and his constituents to put aside all grievances for the progress of the chiefdom.  

He went on to say that the project should benefit the people of his constituency and that he wants the people of Ribbi chiefdom to benefit from this project.

He said that when the advert is out people should apply as long as they are qualified for the contract.

According to him, the road to Bradford which the council cannot fund has been taken over by SLRA.

He said that he has registered ten communities Based Organisations (CBOs) at his constituency which cost him two hundred and fifty thousand Leones for each.

He said ambulances will be provided for Ribbi Chiefdom and that the police post at Mabang Bridge will be constructed.

He added that government has awarded the contract to the Koreans for the construction of the bridge which is two lanes but due to the Ebola it has been put on hold.

He also informed the gathering that for the road at Masakula to be constructed, he provided them with one drum of fuel.

He said that the rehabilitation of the hospital is done by him because when Ebola broke out, Ribbi chiefdom was among the fourteen chiefdoms which was the basement for Ebola but that when they held meeting at Moyamba within one week the chiefdom was free from Ebola.

He advised his constituents to abide by the bye laws because Ebola is still within the country.

He informed his people that census is on the way and that they should cooperate with process.

He said that there are people who are in charge of cleaning his constituents but that the elders should work hand in glove with them for the progress of the chiefdom.

Ibrahim B Kargbo from Upper Ribbi said when NACSA is coming with this project in the chiefdom only those who are paying task will be provided with job.

The chairman for the occasion Rev Jonathan Simpson Spencer said for sometimes they have been holding meetings but that   this time around, they are bringing development for the elders and the progress of Ribbi chiefdom. Others speakers were Paramount Chief Abdul Mahoi and Alimamy Turay.  

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