“A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things,” as talked about in Ecclesiastes 10:19 of the Holy Bible, reveals reasons explaining how Kemoh Sesay, Sierra Leone’s Works Minister, has been lavishing money on people just like that.

Some analysts say the Anti-Corruption Commission should investigate Minister Kemoh’s extravagant and uncalled for spending of money on people, to know where such moneys have been coming from.

It is true Minister Kemoh yesterday admits giving out millions of Leones to hundreds of poor people in the North, but did not explain where he has gotten such huge moneys he wastefully has been spending.

“Yes, I paid over thirty million Leones local tax for my people in Port-Loko District, and I will be paying an additional fifteen million, making a total of forty five million payment of local tax for thousands in that District,” Minister Kemoh ardently said.

“I also lately gave millions to hundreds of people living in the north as Ramadan token, this I have done to help the poor feed on Eid- Ul- Fitr day.”

Minister Kemoh’s copious spending has therefore sparked grave debate from considerable number of Sierra Leoneans including civil society and media organizations, who equally have called on the ACC to no doubt brings into play section 27 (1) of the ACC Act of 2008, which manifestly explain issues of possession of unexplained wealth as verbatim reads:

“Any person who, being or having been a public officer,
A. Maintains a standard of living above that which is commensurate with his present or past official emoluments; or
B. Is in control of pecuniary resources or property disproportionate to his present or past emoluments, unless he gives a satisfactory explanation to the court as to how he was able to maintain such a standard of living or how such pecuniary resources or property came under his control, commits an offence.”
Shocking, however, is the Information Minister’s (Mohamed Bangura) recent revelation that “Ministers in the current government of President Koroma receive pittance of twelve million Leones as take home, not as higher as talked about by people, and so are in effect not well-off people.”

The call for an investigation over Minister Kemoh’s sumptuous spending further explains situation in which he (Kemoh), months ago, was also woefully spotted lavishing some one hundred million Leones to people of Port-Loko as he encourages them partake of the concluded voters’ registration process.

In a telephone interview with Ady Macauley, country’s Anti Corruption Commissioner, he refuted public’s call for an investigation of Kemoh over what they say amount to ‘unexplained wealth,’ claiming, however, that “it is certainly not part of his institution’s (The ACC) jurisdiction to investigate campaigns spending of politicians, but rather the responsibility of the Political Parties Registration Commission.’

The ACC Boss also promised stating his institution’s position vis-à-vis Minister Kemoh’s alleged extravagant spending, he has utterly made clear his position that they will surely not go after any politician for lavishing moneys during campaigns.

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