Well na now di case don warm ya! Just when people now start thinking that TORKPOI is slowly putting its house together, stronger members are decamping and crossing over to the FALLING SUN you know.

It was all a shocking revelation to the SONKOH SONKOH hearing that MEDISH who pioneered the now trumpeted peace in TORPKOI has decamped himself to the FALLING SUN.

Dis look serious oh! Nobody, not even KAPEN PEN and BULLET could explain reason (s) for MEDISH’s recent cross-carpeting though!

Anyway, SONKOH SONKOH was told that the reason for his decampment was centered on PAOPA’s refusal for a redo of elections in 39 constituencies as was initially agreed in a recently signed peace communiqué by of course the very membership of party TORKPOI. Uhm….mortal man norto God bra!

Looks like a warning signal to party TORPKOI oh! That an attempt to deviate from the communiqué will no doubt bring much wider acrimony and division in their party oh!

But as the SONKOH SONKOH continues to observe things, it seems there will be much of cross- carpeting in the coming days and months, you know.

Don’t you deny this oh SUPREMO? Even your party- the FALLING SUN- will also face serious cross-carpeting in the coming months. Trust the SONKOH SONKOH!

In fact, most of those decamping and cross-carpeting will be left without option but join KAYAIMBA’s ADP party.


Didn’t King Henry tell SALONE that the issue of dry season erratic and epileptic supply especially to the capital Freetown will be a thing of the past?

Hmmm, this is just a question because what has been happening is the frequent power cut in the capital.

It is sad that despite SUPREMO said, he would complete Bumbuna Hydro project nine years ago when he was elected President of the Republic, the over 40 years Bumbuna project is yet to be completed.

Neighboring Guinea that started the Hydro project some few years ago, have completed their own project and they are even planning to go into agreement with SUPREMO’s Government to selling power to Salone.

Beside the frequent power cut, SUPREMO has been unable to provide simply thing like water to his people, more so when the country is surrounded by water.

Even school going children are all out in the streets when they should be reading their books, struggling to get water for their homes. However SUPREMO and his Cohort are still proud of an agenda for prosperity that cannot provide simple thing like water for his people.

Me laf dae hat o yah, because even SUPREMO’s resident does not have pipe borne water. What kind of SUPREMO is this my God that rely on water bowsers for water at his own lodge. Please SUPREMO, do more for yourself!!!


In Sierra Leone, students don’t have any right, all they should do is to obey and complain later.

It is sickening to see other students in the other universities going for classes while students of Njala University are yet to start classes all because the lecturers are striking for monies owed them by government since 2013.

What an interesting country?

Even the families of deceased lecturers who should be enjoying the benefits of those lecturers have not received their monies! Akeh nor good O!

Doya una pay dem lecturer dem!

The impact of this indefinite strike action by the lecturers is definitely on the poor students who have paid their fees but they are not taking classes.

In the jungle when two elephants fight, it is the grass that will suffer the pain. This government does not seem to care about education at all.

All they care about is their grip on power and corrupt acquisition wealth.


You call it otherwise, who cares?

For all the SONKOH SONKOH will say is that the Ministry of Sport of the SUPREMO of Salone seems to always be in perpetual turmoil.

His former Sports Minister Pope Di Paul fights with almost every other person in that ministry for three good years.

Imagine Pope Di Paul who pretentiously had used journalism as a cover up to propagate his political agenda, spending a whole year at the Pademba Prison all in the name of redeeming football and other sports in country, wasted years fighting people just when he was made Minister.

Isn’t this the ‘rubbish’ of a thing Tarawally of party PDP repeatedly bashed politicians of party FALLING SUN though?

Who says Pope Di Paul is a freedom fighter?

Oh yes, a rebel freedom fighter you know.

No wonder he was appointed Minister in the junta NPRC government of Strasser and PAOPA but bulleted for doing things unsuitable of gun toting soldiers then. Bo leh go mi ya Pope Di Paul!

Like SUPREMO’s Pope Di Paul was misbehaving and fighting everyone at ministry, so is it now with Minister AHMED Di VOLLEY whose knowledge in sports is limited to woeful Wilberforce Barracks VOLLEYS.

In fact, SONKOH SONKOH has never seen AHMED DI VOLLEY plays VOLLEY in home grown Wilberforce Barracks at all. Or maybe he was doing it in Do Bombali District you know. Ba kpoor leh!

As we speak, AHMED Di VOLLEY could still not submit to his SUPREMO things defining sports.

If nar lie why has SUPREMO not included same in his last state of the opening address to Parliament?

SONKOH SONKOH was yesterday told that there is a big fight between AHMED DI VOLLEY and his Deputy AGBA ALSANKS.

That the latter alleges that the report recently submitted by AHMED DI VOLLEY to the SUPREMO was typical of an
attempt to tarnish his ‘AGBA ALSANKS’ hard earned reputation.

Na dis kontri normo u go see den kind mediocrity yah bobs.

With all the brandishing of unreliable Chinese balls by SUPREMO in the 2012 election, as if he loves football and of course the youths, there is still no semblance of fortunes for the up and coming of society vis-à-vis sports even as he takes his exit? God dae see you oh SUPREMO.


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