Total Launches New Fuel and Solar Lamps

Forefront and innovative energy company, Total Sierra Leone, launches new Fuel and commendable solar products last week.

As part of its strategy, the company has furthermore launched a new petroleum product in the Sierra Leone oil Market.

Sierra Leone is now one of African countries that enjoy a range of petroleum fuel in the market-Total Excellium diesel and Total Excellieum Petrol.

The products meet current and old engines specification with clean grades that support engines kilometer after kilometer, enhance engine performance and reduce fuel consumptions.

The innovation involves 20 years of top researches with the aim to improve petroleum products the world over.

Vice President Victor Foh lauded Total’s initiative in the accessibility of Excellium, and therefore expressed his Government’s delight over innovations that provide access to high grade fuel in Sierra Leone.

Minister of Energy, Ambassador Henry Macauley, who doubles as guest of honour in the launching of the solar product similarly lauded efforts of Total, which he said is in line with the President’s vision to improve and make available electricity to all.

Total has launched five solar products in the Sierra Leone market Wednesday 22 February 2017.

In a colourful and well attended event at the Lagonda Entertainment centre conference Hall, Total showcased five solar products- different solar lamps, solar house home solution and solar radio.

The Managing Director Madam Rose Nkada assured all of Total’s vision to provide access to energy.

She said it is a corporate social responsibility initiative, and that people in the rural and off grid location will have access to energy.

The Marketing Manager Cyrine DRAIF did the product presentation to the audience and assured all of a two years warranty that covers all purchases, adding that the Product will be available in all Total Service stations throughout Sierra Leone.

The President of Total West Africa, Mrs. Ada Eze, in her statement, indicated that this initiative is part of the group’s response to provide access to energy for all.

The event was climaxed by the unveiling and launching of the products by the Minister of Energy, The President of Total West Africa and Managing Director of Total Sierra Leone.

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