Timber Deal… State House Okays Export Of Over 5,000 Containers To Patrick Koroma

What seems to have been the latest of a bad deal by the ruling APC has seen state house contracting Patrick Koroma (a businessman) to export over 5,000 containers of raw timber, therefore increasing climate change risk in Sierra Leone.

Even though the New Age has proven that Office of the President has not officially removed the moratorium on the export of raw timber, the state house has confirmed ordering synergizing ministries the likes of Agriculture and
Trade authorize Patrick Koroma export raw timber at the expense of society.

This was confirmed in a telephone interview with the state house Chief of Staff, Konton Sesay, who claimed government has indeed Okays shipment of over 5,000 containers of raw timbers.

Asked whether he has the express permission of the President, he (Konton Sesay) avoidably made no comment but said, “you should talk to the President on that.”

Information reaching desk of the NEW AGE revealed how the state house Chief of Staff wrote to both the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Trade instructing them necessarily authorizes the export of containers of timbers to Patrick Koroma.

But in an effort extricating himself from the bad deal, Agriculture Minister, Prof. Monty Jones, confirmed the ‘order to export 5,000 containers of timbers came not from his ministry nor Trade but state house.’

He further also confirmed that the moratorium on timber was slammed by no less a person but the President, and has not been lifted.

“Of course,” Minister Monty Jones said, “three people were given concession in 2016 to export timbers, but two have been dropped with Patrick Koroma barely permitted to do so.”

Patrick, in an interview, confirmed he has been given the concession to export over 5,020 containers of unprocessed cut timbers, but said it is probable the amount of raw timbers in bushes countrywide far outweigh the one approved for exportation

Patrick said: “it was a concession authorized by State House on the recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security.”

Our next story will look at how much Patrick charges people requesting authorization for the export a container (s) of timbers.

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