The ‘Ernest Koroma Succession Theory’ Cannot Be Buried- Trumpet Newspaper

By Prince C. Kamara

It is true that President Ernest Bai Koroma in his wisdom had cautioned all those with aspirations or dreams to succeed him after he would have retired to lay such aspirations and dreams to rest and concentrate on the work at hand, to develop the country, because such aspirations and dreams would only distract him and the dreamers, and perhaps, the rest of his government from concentrating at the monumental tasks at hand.

However, truth be said, it is tremendously difficult for politicians to lay to rest ‘or shelve’ their dreams and aspirations for higher heights, especially when they know that the man they are hoping to succeed would be retiring from active service in a matter of two to less than three years from now.

This is the main reason why the matter about President Ernest Bai Koroma’s would-be-successors keeps on coming up in the public domain every now and then.

It would not be strange nor beneath these politicians wishing to step into President Koroma’s shoes the minute he bows out, to plant stories and articles in the local press about their intentions, pretending they were coming from some other sources other than themselves. Sierra Leone politicians are a very cunning lot and nothing can be below them in their attempt to get what they want politically.

This is why President Koroma nor anyone else for that matter can be able to control the debates or theories and the assumptions and ‘notices’ coming from various sources about the political intentions of a number of men including the current Finance Minister Dr. Kaifala Marah, the current Mines Minister Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, the CEO Sierra Rutile John B. Sesay, the former Works Minister Alimamy P. Koroma, the current Agriculture Minister Dr. Sam Sesay and the current Trade Minister Osman B. Kamara as wanting/hoping/aspiring/lobbying to be his successor; even though, they might not be the ones expressing these views. (Well at least, not obviously).

Therefore, political observers are of the opinion that this matter about who will eventually become President Koroma’s successor when the time is right is an issue we are forced to discuss because humans are political animals. The issue about who shall succeed President Koroma is generating heat and tension even as the President is cautioning his ‘hopefuls’ to show restraint and leave that issue for now.

However, as humans are political animals, this debate or discussion is expected to be repeated every now and then with a different twist. The more the merrier, is what ordinary people say.

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