By Thomas Dixon

CHANGE is something that has always brought hope to human existence as every year people aspire towards a better life and a better nation.

It is for this reason that most people at the beginning of every year try very hard to make resolutions and work towards those resolutions during the course of the year.

CHANGE, as a concept is very constant in life and it epitomizes hope and at the same time gives us the courage to chisel the areas in our lives which are not improving.

Sierra Leone Politics for a very long time has been engulfed with deceit, dishonesty and insincerity. It is very myopic to the point that people will at times want to reject CHANGE.

Well, it is always normal from people who are benefitting from the system to reject CHANGE and to protect their own interest as against the general interest.

Many of them have been rejecting the same CHANGE they fancied in 2007. They have been rejecting the CHANGE of making this country a better place, something they doggedly believed in before now.

But the question in the minds of so many people is what type of change does Sierra Leone as country needs after 2018 Is it the same change Koroma promised some ten years ago?

Sierra Leone needs a systemic change in its body polity. Our politics over the years has been marred with vulgarity and at the same time, one that is tribal, nepotistic and corrupt.

The concept of clientelism or what I have decided to describe as “Me Mannism” has beclouded most people from saying what is right-it is only wrong if one doesn’t know the person involved and can be right even though it is wrong, if one knows the person involved.

Most of us in the media are guilty of the “me mannism” syndrome to the point that we have helped in the recent destruction of our society.

It is also as a result of “me mannism” that people who are qualified for jobs are not given jobs because we prefer to give them to people who can be sycophant and square pegs even though we know that they will be pernicious elements.

The judiciary in Sierra Leone is also corrupt to the point that a lawyer who is a friend is telling Dixon’s Pen that nowadays very few lawyers win cases on merit because everything is now about money and politics.

At times, cases that have nothing to do with politics are politicized just because a lawyer wants to win at the detriment of justice. Even judges that are supposed to hold the scales balance by interpreting what the law says are blinded by politics and other forms of patronage.

It is my view that Sierra Leoneans want a judiciary that will be not be so political that they forget their primary mandate of ensuring justice for all- an independent judiciary.

We need a Sierra Leone where morality and integrity prevail. The executive arm of government is full of deals and counter deals, broad day light robbery and other malfeasance. People in this part of the world want to become leaders not to serve their people but to enrich themselves over night.

We need a Sierra Leone where our political leaders will not be so licentious. We need a Sierra Leone in which the ministers will not be abusing each other on public media, setting bad examples for the children.

We need a Sierra Leone in which the right caliber of people is in Parliament.

Members of Parliament that will not look at colors but honorable men that will look at things critically before endorsing them for the betterment of our society.

We need a Sierra Leone where in important mining agreements will not be rushed through parliament without the people knowing about them.

We need a Parliament that will not spend all its time inviting journalists and intimidating activists for saying the truth.

Sierra Leone needs a parliament where people will battle with ideas to solve societal problems-indeed an assemblage of Honorable Gentlemen and Ladies.

The CHANGE, Sierra Leoneans are believing in is a Sierra Leone that will work for everyone. Sierra Leoneans are tired of Sierra Leone in which your surname determines the type of job you will have.

The CHANGE, Sierra Leoneans are aspiring to is a Sierra Leone where the children can get better education in government schools, a Sierra Leone where the health system works, a Sierra Leone where we cannot be living in the abundance of water but the people are still thirsty and a Sierra Leone where sports will progress and not retrogress in an accelerated manner.

The CHANGE, Sierra Leoneans want is a country where democratic institutions can work and not one in which the democratic institutions are slaughtered for political reasons.

On behalf of the management and staff of SALONE TIMES, I wish all our readers, vendors and our business partners a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!

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