That Illegal Chinese Flight… ANOTHER COCAINE PLANE

It was at exactly 17:50 hours Saturday 22nd that a Chinese plane with registration number B-3804 from Guinea Bissau illegally landed at the Lungi International Airport having on board 9 (nine) Chinese nationals.

The plane, we are told, bears Chinese inscription written in white colour paint.

The Police and personnel of the Office of National Security cordon the plane shortly after making a safe but illegal landing at the airport, searched it, but claimed nothing was found of security concern.

9 crews including a female co-pilot with Chinese passport number E95894603 rounded were up and taken to the Lungi Police Station, but were regretfully released, later warned to make statement the following day Sunday 23rd.

Police sources say a thorough search was done on both the plane and crews found therein but discovered nothing.

However, and given the fact that the plane was from Guinea Bissau, a country notorious for drug trafficking, worries are that it may have brought things adverse to state security and therefore need a detailed post-mortem of both the plane and crews to prove beyond doubts that it has landed on the soil of Sierra Leone owing to lack of fuel as claimed and not otherwise.

The spokesperson for the 9 nine Chinese nationals is Ziguan Wang.

He is said to have surrendered relevant documents in his possession to the police who now investigate the plane they claimed they have thoroughly searched but found nothing of security concerns.

During police interrogation of spokesperson Wang, whom they say own a Chinese passport with registration number G56337089, he said himself and crew members were compelled to do emergency landing because there was not enough fuel in the plane and they have had confirmation document from Inter Tropic Holding Air Services with agent Franklyn Atara, a resident of Lungi to do so.

Wang also said they paid landing permit fee, handling and fuel to one of their agents (Sky Plan Agent) to inturn pay to Inter Tropic Air Services.

As at press time, agent Franklyn Atara is at large, which obviously has raised the suspicion that the police should pay greater attention in proving the cause that led to the illegal landing of such a plane.

Findings are that all 9 nine Chinese crews (suspects) have been released by the police and are at their hotels in a mood referred to as “very convivial.”

Reference must also be drawn to the fact that a suspected spy was arrested in March this year, who told the police he once was arrested in Syria on the suspicion that he was a spy arrested by ISIS and detained at a place called Raqqa.

David Anthony/ Karim Sesay claimed he came from Trinidad and Tobago.

He admitted to have been in jail in London where he was arrested for possession of cocaine, but how come he was found in Sierra Leone and what his purpose was, is a question still not told by the police.

The fact that a plane has again been arrested for illegal landing, and crews could not give any reason for doing such, raises the alarm bell that the police should no doubt clear doubt surrounding such a plane.

However, it is still not known whether the plane have items unfavourable to state security or not.
Speculations are that such a plane resembles one years ago found carrying hundreds of kilograms of cocaine.

They say a much thorough investigation may bring to light the true reason (s) for the illegal landing of such a plane.

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