Hmmmm this one smells utterly rotten oh my people!

It was yesterday morning that the SONKOH SONKOH was awaken by the unashamed talk of lecturer Lompeh; who claims he is the best of a university media lecturer but has never managed a media house, needless say practiced newspaper journalism though.

Bobs! Only in Sierra Leone would such thing happened.

And by the way, wasn’t he (Lecturer Lompeh) the very university professor now asking country’s Law Chief, FKJ, hurriedly table a concocted statutory instrument before parliament vis-à-vis one compelling (sorry suppressing) media practitioners pay twenty bloody million Leones as fine for mere character assassination?

No surprise to the SONKOH SONKOH at all! Of course, it was told that some bad hearted media owners pretending as journalists but are business operatives are covertly supporting Lecturer Lompeh and his fool fool CIM Commissioners as they manipulate the so called instrument in a bid bringing down up and coming print media houses, while also supporting party FALLING SUN’s schemed suppression of a free media society.

The SONKOH SONKOH no doubt challenges Professor Lompeh that his end isn’t far from near at all.

That print media practitioners intend resist and disgrace him big time.

Go tell Ambassador Bat Kanu the boxing ring is opened and the fight has begun.

No wonder Lecturer Lompeh was as worried as an hungry dog waiting for his master’s left over when the concluded SLAJ elections got heated and undecided at a point.

And to you FKJ, young journalists have told the SONKOH SONKOH to caution you refrain tabling any law directly or otherwise suppressing media freedom.

That if you dear be a part of such, you pay for it now and of course come the proposed party FALLING SUN convention in September.

U nar too pass mark bo! But Wait Normor!!


Even though Leon Stars secured a victory over Harambe Stars of Kenya, many things occurred at the Sierra Leone national stadium.

Of course, Leone Stars played very well, but 20 minutes to the end of the game, they were no doubt sluggish as if suffering of tired legs, allowing the Harambe Stars getting a consolation goal though.

The SONKOH SONKOH says Kudos to the boys anyhow!

It is hoped that moneys collected from the match will not be reported missing as usually the case.

And that moneys from TV rights will equally be used to develop the game too.

Ah, ah, ah, SONKOH SONKOH saw this one too. That photo though. He means one now parading the social media, which has seen Sierra Leoneans making comments on.

They say the SUPREMO was graciously romantic in his posture with the QUEEN; which however has left more questions than answers on the minds of people.

How for goodness could the SUPREMO allow himself to be publicly photographed with the QUEEN of football who is currently being investigated for corruption and related offences?

To the SONKOH SONKOH, the photo seems endorsing what people were saying that the SUPREMO indeed manipulated the election of the football Queen so that she could be the President of the FA, which no doubt has affected football in the country.

Hmmmm! SUPREMO is indeed blessed all sie ya!!! The seductive smile in the photograph may have aroused SUPREMO to cloud nine, and to a point forgot he was public.

Di Queen sef nor try bra!! A responsible queen would not have allowed herself suspiciously attached to someone that is not her…

Anyway, the long and short of it is that the photo is very revealing though! But all said and done, Leone Stars did well for us.

The SONKOH SONKOH’s thanks are to the messed up pitch which worked things to the advantage of Sierra Leone.

Hope the SUPREMO will do something to improve the field.


Since when Sierra Leone was a boy, PAGE BOY MACAULEY has been running behind teachers and small police officers, leaving the corrupt big fishes of society.

For say our own PAGE BOY nor get yai for see di big thief man dem ba!
See oh, my people, the PAGE BOY in his misplaced aggression recently decided to point accusing fingers at journalists than concentrating on fighting corruption.

Looks like society’s public looters have grown ever since the PAGE BOY was appointed country’s anti-graft chief, which also has affected gains the country has made in the fight against corruption.

PAGE BOY, whom we are told is being used, has been threatening the electoral chief because the ruling system seems losing confidence and trust in him ahead of the 2018 elections.

What about the SLFA matter, which many believed has been swept under the carpet for petty reasons by the very PAGE BOY who previously promised leaving no stone, unturned?

SONKOH SONKOH was told a certain cement factory where one of the suspects is closely associated, is influencing the PAGE BOY Corruption Chief, by giving huge support the camp the PAGE BOY is strongly supporting.


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