Swimming coach fears for his Life

It is now evidently clear that violence, revenge and counter attack will definitely be part of the aftermath of the 2018 run-off elections,the day Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio emerge as winner.
As Sierra Leoneans called Bio’s victory as the NPRC part three. We see hundreds of people were on the rampage going after political opponent.

After participating in the Commonwealth games in Australia, Bobson Mansaray is afraid to return to his native land because under this new government there is high possibility that he would be persecuted.

It is not a secret that Bobson’s family has a history of political activism. On the 25th May 1997 Bobson was 18 years old by then, his half-brother the late Sergeant Alfred Abu Sanko (alias Zagalo) was one of the kingpin in the Military Coup staged by the former Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) of Sierra Leone.

Coincidentally, Alfred Abu Sankoh happens to be his half-brother.

When the Coup happened his half-brother Dennis Sankoh and some members of his extended family where killed as a revenge for Zagalo’s act.

Bobson had no choice but to flee Sierra Leone for the neighboring country of Guinea in the early years of 1999 and stayed there until 2002 following the end of the Civil War.

He was a target because of his close family ties with the late Zagalo.

It was through the intervention of the Swimming Association of Sierra Leone by the then President Alhaji Dr. A.T. Fadlu-Deen in that the Kamajors were persuaded to release him after going through serious torturing at their hands.

It was after that release that he sneaked to Dubai through the help of a friend in May 2002, where he lived and worked until late 2009.

In this entire sojourn he was still missing home. Dr. Fadlu-Deen invited him again to return home because he was needed to assist in setting up a swimming team.

He left UAE in late 2009, met with Dr. Fadlu-Deen and other members of the swimming association.

He was asked to become a voluntary swimming Coach under the National Swimming association to which he accepted.

He has served in that capacity since 2009 until he left the country.

Before his self-exile to Guinea, the threatening statements he constantly receives from members of the SLPP who were part of the NPRC one and two, kept him extremely worried.

Violence was all over the place before during and after elections. He is extremely worried and afraid to return to Sierra Leone for fear of reprisals by most of the supporters of the ruling party who are either retired soldiers or kamajors who still have bitter blood against members of the AFRC.

When news reached him that his wife and children at his home in Allen Town have been attacked and the house was nearly raised to the ground by supporters of the new government.

Had it not been for the intervention of some young men in the community who came to the rescue of Mrs. Mansaray and children
The elections are over but the skirmishes are still on with reprisals against families of those AFRC supporters who joined the APC are now being chased in their secret location.

Bobson is no exception to that because knowing the inhumane treatment Alfred Abu Sanko (Zagalo) meted on innocent people; you don’t want such to happen to anybody at this time in our country.

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