Awo! Not the word that! Very sad though!

Even Alhaji Abuja was somewhat sympathetic when recently he was on radio defending his party-FALLING SUN.

He admits he was in total shock hearing his Muslim sister HAJA MAMIE COOKERY explaining how her late husband bought a land that party FALLING SUN wants to grab from her; that what shocks him the most was when the woman said: “they’re doing this to me because I am uneducated and powerless woman.”

You know what? SONKOH SONKOH needs not labour himself on this, because he has been restricted by what the lawyers called ‘contempt of court;’ matter is yet to be decided by Judges at country’s appeals in the notorious JUDITICS- a judiciary SONKOH SONKOH knows seek political favours in return for political justice.

But come to think of it though, was the SUPREMO knowledgeable of the fact that he has violated the laws of Sierra Leone, allowing the CHIN-CHUNG Party supporting his FALLING SUN gets a seven storey regional headquarter office?

It seems as though SUPREMO was deceived by very bad political folks though; who had told him: “Pa, there was nothing worry about sir, the said seven storey building will be constructed for us by a foreign political party and nothing will come after.”

SONKOH SONKOH has in his archives proofs of facts that explain the bad past of a renegade AMBASSADOR, who after being appointed GENERAL in the RED ARMY (PARTY FALLING SUN), he has always been the architect of all the troubles in that party.

They say this same RENEGADE AMBASSADOR was the cause for the failure of MOMOH BIG WASE and of course the man who told him (MOMOH BIG WASE) to apologise to the people that he has failed them.

Hope history will not repeat itself anyhow? But the way SONOH SONKOH is seeing things going, it seems as though SUPREMO has the same fate with MOMOH BIG WASE, and if he does not do things fast, it is presumed he will fall the same way.


The good old TORKPOI has fallen and the people have broken the TORKPOI into pieces to use it as fire wood because that is what TORKPOI is now good for.

God nor dae sleep oh!
He knows the TORKPOI is now a fire wood that is only meant to boil water, so in His infinite mercies, He (God) decided to send KAYAINBA for the people of Sierra Leone; the man who recently discovered that party FALLING SUN is seeking support from CHIN-CHUNG to construct a massive seven storey office, no doubt in contravention of the PPRC ACT of 2002 as well as other international protocols.

KAYAINBA described the actions of the Chinese CHIN-CHUNG party as a direct interference in the politics of SALONE.

These revelations actually spurred the dormant Political Parties Commission into what looks like a dead action; one that will’ll certainly not yield any good fruit. APOLLEH! They say!

Thank God for KAYAINBA, of course, if not for him, people would not have been known about this political fraud at all.


Me laf dae art… Ay Salone! You mean 500 Million Leones for a two days sports conference?

Well! SONKOH SONKOH knows how the money was expended and has self-righteously made a Break Down of it:

Stationaries-150 Million Leones

Facilitators including impress for Ministers and consultant-100 Million Leone

Food- 50 Million Leones

DSAs-150 Million

Hall Rental-50 Million.

And my people, this is how SALONE MONEY was wasted on a two days talk shop on sports oh!

The fact is now clear that indeed the Ministry of Sports and the government of SUPREMO are no doubt the problems of this country.

Everybody thought when POPE JOHN PAUL was replaced by AHMED RASTA, Sports ministry would have stopped interfering into the internal affairs of sporting organisations.

AHMED RASTA has decided to fight a proxy war for PABLO DI OKADA after he was disqualified by POPE JOHN PAUL.

As a result of that, he has been meddling into the internal politics of athletics associations and to an extent making the association now has parallel executives- one accepted by the International Body and the other by the ministry.

Same could be said about the cycling association too.

This has created a problem for the National Olympic Committee who is answering questions in the court as to who has the locus to attend the conference of the committee.

Interference by AHMED RASTA has left people to say, “it’s like ‘FULLA MAN GO, FULLA MAN CAM;’ a thing that has destroyed football and other sports in the country.

All what the SUPREMO talked about at the talk-shop has been attributed by sports experts “Big Talks” and that his government is the cause of all the problems in sports.


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