Hmmmmm wonders will never end oh, my people!

Having boasted saying: “have I the intention going for another term, I would have done so, and nobody would have stopped me,” SUPREMO has changed his tongue though.

He has these days cleared ‘borlor borlor’ in his throat as he tells the worried electorates that election date will be announced, but within confines of country’s 1991 constitution you know.

Good of him though! Because SONKOH SONKOH was waiting to see him (SUPREMO) continues his ‘more time’ strategy and see what becomes of him at the end of the day.

Some man clever oh! I know SUPREMO must have seen the writing on the wall, that not a single day will be added to his term in office.

And do you know SUPREMO also talked about the recently noise making Civil Registration Commission?

The put right, and what SUPREMO needs know and must be told is that, his so-called civil registration thing must by no means bar the holding of elections as clearly explained in the 1991 constitution, Section 33 for that matter?

Less I forget, I, SONKOH SONKOH here states nonetheless that the 1991 constitution says “where the constitution and any other law conflict, it is the constitution that takes prominence.” No more, no less at all!

By the way, isn’t your law GENERALLO, Kortor FKJ, briefed you proper on what the law says, SUPREMO?

No surprise if he hasn’t, because he no longer reads his books but has had jollying moments traversing country’s length and breadth on show-off-carnivals falsely telling the easy-to-fool of society that you (SUPREMO) has promised him the presidency. Pordor! Dis nar dream gentry die poor figment of imagination thinking oh!

In fact, what makes SONKOH SONKOH vexed the most is SUPREMO’s advice to the electorates that, ‘there is no need for unnecessary tension.’

Ah! Ah! You called that ‘unnecessary tension’- isn’t election the life blood of a country though? Bo lef we ba! If u nor wan for make pipul talk announce election date now! No time for boga boga talk anymore ya!!

You see en, when those praise singers were shouting above their voices for More Time for SUPREMO, he was enjoyably smiling and putting money in their pockets, of course, encourage them shout more. But when Sierra Leoneans now call for election, he calls it ‘unnecessary tension’- Salone man nor better for once!

Uhm! Leh ar go befoe ya becus me ase nor wan yeri nar tin pass election!

Better behave else everything Gbagbo, Gbogbo.


Hahahahahah, indeed Kamayimba has really arrived!

No wonder all have gone inside their shells.

They say when the sheriff is around, political criminals find place to hide.

Bobs! SONKOH SONKOH almost laugh his got out when Orbangu di MOT MOT Minister was described as a walking-talking Political Prostitute, WALKIE TOKIE raray girl?

But come to think of it, was Kamayaimba saying the truths or was he lying? We all know how good Minister MOT MOT (better put WALKIE TALKIE) at telling lies.

Like a friend told me: since when Adam was created, Minister MOT MOT has said anything real- he looks like a professional liar you know.

Was Kamayinba not said the truth about MOT MOT Minister when he said the man has been a political prostitute, scavenging political parties for survival, and has found one- The APC- which has earned him a hugely built HOUSE at Jui where he now lives with his family.

That as he tirelessly prostitutes himself he has no doubt lost all the respect and integrity of this world and of Canaba where they say he was, but eating and frequenting the place used by GAYS as restaurant.

SONKOH SONKOH was told Minister MOT MOT was a spy in the MPDC and single-handedly destroyed the party, thereafter established his DMU political party, which he eventually destroyed for the political largesse offered him by SUPREMO.

Hahhahahahah WALKIE TALKIE Political Prostitute has added a new political word in the politics of this country.


Kroo man dem don tawa oh! Dem say ‘Enough’ is ‘Enough!’

The Local Government Minister has imposed on the Kroo people as their Headman, someone they have described as a good for nothing tribal figure because of politics.

The Kroos have asked the Minister appoint his own chief, but they in the kroo community will not work with him. Will there be a chief without subjects, they asked.

And the answer for them is a big ‘NO.’

They have therefore asked the Minister reverse his decision and give them their headman of choice!
Wen Dis Government Go stop for politicize all tin ba.

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