It seems as though things are getting out of hands as those bad deeds of party Tolongbo are gradually coming naked and in broad day light.

No wonder country’s lyrical warrior, Emerson Bockarie once told party Tolongbo: “San go comot pan u na net” meaning the sun will be out on them in the thick of the night.

The Tolongbo guys have been milking Sierra Leone’s money at will, leaving the majority in abject poverty.

Now, and by all indications, it seems as though BREGADIER PAOPA isn’t joking this time around at all.

They say he intends expose the mess of Sierra Leone’s onetime SUPREMO, who, during his presidency, left a completely empty basket for mother Sierra Leone as at his and party Tolongbo’s kicking out of supremacy control by the people’s power.

How for goodness can SUPREMO’s Tolongbo government, which once prides itself as a government that has improved the economy of Sierra Leone now left behind an empty national coffer?

The SUPREMO, at a point, boisterously claimed mother Sierra Leone was the fastest of growing economies in the world, but as at his exit (some two weeks ago), many have realized that SUPREMO and gang aren’t leaders but mere thieves.

SONKOH SONKOH sees such as terrible though.

The mouthful surprises are that country’s owned Commercial Banks were nothing but sweet cakes for SUPREMO and followers, who had stopped at nothing but to give loans to friends and families; that which now has ended as bad debts.

Even girls used as amusement, benefitted from the generosity of SUPREMO in the wasting of country’s money at will.

However, Sierra Leoneans want BREGADIER PAOPA compels SUPREMO and followers bring back moneys stolen from the state or face the wrath of the law. Hmmmm e look lek say boku man get fo go jail oh!

And you know what? SONKOH SANKOH wants to suggest to BREGADIER PAOPA not to set up a commission of enquiry, but make good use of state’s apparatus the likes of anti corruption in fishing out thieves and make them pay for what they did.

By so doing, he (BREGADIER PAOPA) may have saved mother Sierra Leone from wasting millions on would-be money choppers as commissioners of any such commission of enquiry though.

To this, however, BREGADIER PAOPA must be seen giving to UNCLE CORRUPTION COMMISSION all it takes getting at state thieves unrestraint.


Is this the same CHARLIE BOY who one time told mother Sierra Leone that he had denied positions in the SUPREMO’s government plus that of office of Attorney General, Speaker of Parliament and, of course, Chief Justice in 2007?

CHARLIE BOY is no doubt an unreliable folks though.

He doesn’t speak straight at all. If he had refused a position in 2007, what has motivated him accepts same this 2018?

Or for say na hardup don catch am so…? That he has now realized he is coming of age? Appolleh!
SONKOH SONKOH has been told he is 71 now, and that Old Charlie Boy has realized his political relevance has worn out, and as a drowning man, he is left without option but reach at a straw for help.

Anyways, please join the SONKOH SONKOH wish CHARLIE BOY well in his position as country’s new Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

Just hope he will not be like the last three Attorneys General and Minister of Justices he once described as weak and unfit for the job though?

Hmmmm! Waiting to see whether SUPREMO’s wife, the great land grabber, will give back land illegally taken from CHARLIE BOY during periods of party Tolongbo’s governance.

Lessons to learn anyway! This tells people that things change with high-speed in life and one has to be careful how he does things when in governance position.

Of course, SONKOH SONKOH wants see how the FALSE LADY will feel when someone she once treated badly will be deciding her fate.

Anyways, wish you all good luck ya! Have many things to think, no time waste time on yours. Bye bye!


Salone Parliament will be interesting in the coming days, you know.

Hope people will this time get a much better parliamentary representation anyhow?

This is the first time in the politics of mother Sierra Leone that the country’s Parliament will be a hung one, in which no single party will have a clear majority of 98 votes.

It will also be a parliament made up of four parties including independent candidates too.

Therefore, it is probable mother Salone will be having an interesting parliament this time. Allah!

Names now coming up for the speaker position from both the ruling SLPP and main opposition APC are seemingly nothing to write home about at all.

SONKOH SONKOH here authoritatively names the following party persons as those eyeing the parliamentary top notch:

BUNDU PASSPORT, of course, a member of party TORPOI.

He is an experienced man though, and has served in several international organizations including the West African Regional Organization ECOWAS.

As an intellectual, his only problem is that of the old age passport saga which is still trailing him.
KEMZO COCAINE, no doubt, has relegated himself from one of a Presidential material to now wanting to become the SPEAKER of the House of Parliament.

So true, he has been a member of parliament, save to say one of the most vociferous of his days in 1996, but oh ya, there is this cocaine of a thing hanging over his head; still fresh in minds of the people too.

Too sure KEMZO CACAINE knows the SONKOH SONKOH has captured dossier of him surreptitiously giving a diplomatic passport to his girl friend, bounced back on him; which saw the SLPP of late president Kabbah going after him almost all his days in parliament!

Will give details on the above soon.

TWO FACE TUNIS is but another of names coming up for the Speaker position, but even in his TORPOI party, he is not trusted at all.

They say he is good at sell gaming- used to playing ball with party TOLONGBO when in governance.

AFRC SPAINE served in the junta AFRC as Attorney General, and as Member of Parliament in the redundant party TOLONGBO.

He was re-elected in the concluded 2018 polls as Member of Parliament, but by all indications, it appears as if party TOLONGBO isn’t interested in any bye-election in Freetown, after having suffered a devastating blow in the just concluded elections.

Ahhahahaha! Lest the SONKOH SONKOH forgets, ODUMBS DI SBB, as he oftentimes called, is interested in the SPEAKERSHIP having served in that capacity, resigned and was paid big fat dons.

Not too sure any being in creature will be as selfish as ODUMBS DI SSB that he will be so self-centered not allowing others get the taste of a cake he has eaten belly filled.

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