A leaked letter sent to the Sierra Leone government through diplomatic channel in the investigation of regular case No. 221/2016/L002/CBI/EO-III/New Delhi dated 29 July, 2016 has revealed how D&S Associates as owned by Sheik Ahmed Sesay and Corneleus K Davies also known as Kon Davies received USD 1, 327, 464 from Angelique International Limited, New Delhi, India through account No. 10324777134 maintained at the State Bank of India.

As per statement of the account bearing No. 10324777134 of Angelique International Limited maintained at the State Bank of India, overseas branch, New Delhi, the following outward remittances were made in favour of D&S Associates (SL) Limited, Freetown: April 2010 to 2011, December 2014 to June 2015 respectively, received an amount totaling USD 290, 407 and 027, 407 paid into account No. 17011728950 operated at Rokel Commercial Bank; February 2012 to October 2014 received USD 1, 000, 600 paid into account No. 001 1031441001002 operated at Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, December 2014 received USD005, 236 paid into account No. 3001103144100150 operated at Sierra Leone Commercial Bank and in March 2015 received USD003, 574 paid into account No. 15794103 operated at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, the report accusingly stated.

The letter further alleges that the Enforcement Directorate, government of India, New Delhi under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) conducted searches on 28th January 2016, wherein incriminating documents were seized from the premises of Mr. M.P Gupta, director of Angelique International Limited.

These documents, the leaked diplomatic letter stated, contained entries of illegal payments of USD 97, 500 to various public authorities of Sierra Leone routed through one Binta Jalloh of GEO Continental (SL) Limited and D&S Associates (SL) Limited, Freetown.

It is true the Indian government gave a loan of USD 25.30 million to Sierra Leone for the construction of Solar Street Light, which over the years has seen the media and civil society accused the government of Sierra Leone of corruption intemperance in relation to the said project.

The NEW AGE intends publish page by page corruption revelations by the court of Special Judge (PC ACT) (CBI)-06, Patiala House, New Dehli, India against number of Sierra Leone authorities including banks and institutions who surreptitiously paid moneys to certain officials, to in a way put them under pecuniary obligations in their dispensations of their official duties.

Rokel Commercial Bank, Sierra Leone Commercial Bank and First International Bank have been directly implicated on issues of remittances amounting to USD 3,760,150 (three million seven hundred and sixty thousand one hundred and fifty united states dollars) as done by individual business organizations involved in the Solar Light project.

The Indian government through the Court of Special Judge avails the opportunity to its highest compliments to the competent judicial authorities of the Republic of Sierra Leone, asking their kind attention to the provisions of section 166-A and section 166-B of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, thus requesting Sierra Leone’s government assistance to cause the collection of evidence, forward same for use in the criminal investigation and related proceedings, but as at July 2017, the Sierra Leone government has done nothing in relation to the request by the Indian Government.

Our findings are that officials of D&S Associates have over the years had untiring moments doing businesses with government officials believed to be completely pitiful and of course undeserving of the development of Sierra Leone.

Documents in our possession explained how government, bank officials, D&S Associates and GEO Continental have conspiratorially caused moneys to the tune of UD$3, 760, 150 unaccounted for and as a result leaving the country (Sierra Leone) unavoidably indebted to the Indian government the sum of USD25.20 million.

As we go to press, the banks (Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, First International Bank and Rokel Commercial Bank) have respectively not made comments on the issue despite efforts reaching them.

However, Sheik Ahmed Sesay of D&S Associates last week admits to the NEW AGE that his company was contracted by Angelique International Limited in New Dehli, India for the transportation of logistics for the Solar Light project but utterly denied receiving payments amounting to US$1,327,464 as in the diplomatic letter sent to Sierra Leone government by the Indian Government.

He has also not provided documentary evidence showing how his company (D&S Associates) was awarded any such contract by Angelique International Limited, how payments were made to his company and amount paid his company for the transportation of logistics as he alleged.

The New Age intends publish verbatim corruption overindulgences of the named banks, institutions and public officials.

Efforts getting comment from an official of the anti corruption proved completely futile.
More revealing details next edition

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