Sierra Leone People Party is on the edge of destruction as petty squabbles have continued ever since the party was kicked out of power in 2007.

The SLPP has allowed itself to be a public ridicule as there is no other day they are not in the news for all the wrong reasons.

They don’t seem to be a party that wants to be in governance as the elections are drawing closer.

The recent development of the SLPP where in they now have parallel executive in which common sense should have prevailed, simply means that the party is in ruins. Camps have long being existing in the party as the Chairman of the Party Chief Somanoh Kapen is supporting Kandeh Kolleh Yumkelleh while the Deputy Chairman Prince Harding who is now the Chairman of the other faction is supporting Maada Bio.

One may want to know in the midst of all these ugly developments, where are the elders of the party? Somebody told me that there are no elders in the party as those who should provide wise advice for the party have gotten themselves embroiled in the whole saga as they too have taken serious positions.

Another thing that comes to play is the interpretation of the SLPP Constitution which most of the elders of the party are interpreting to satisfy their selfish rapacity and chauvinistic ego.

Section 3.6.7 (1) of the SLPP constitution is very clear. It outlines the functions of the Chairman and Leader of the Party and among other things includes:

v The National Chairman of the Party shall be the Political and Administrative Head of the Party

v Chair the National Part Conference, National Governing Council Meetings and other meeting of national character

v Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the party

v Represent the party in high level dialogue with government and developing partners

v Promote Policies and programmes of the party and

v Be a senior adviser (with cabinet rank) to the President when the party forms Government.

If one pays attention to the first function of the chairman, one will notice that the Chairman of the SLPP has huge powers to the point that his also the administrative head of the party and can only make the Secretary General functional if he so desires.

However it will be disingenuous if I don’t also outline the functions of the secretary general of the party for better understanding and which are as follows:

· The National Secretary General shall be in charge of the day to day running of the national secretary general of the party including the custody of all party record and document under the general supervision of the National Chairman and Lead

· Summon all Party Meetings at national levels on the advice of the national chairman and leader

· Prepare agenda for all meetings in consultation with the national chairman and leader and shall keep records of the proceedings and minutes of all such meetings

· Be responsible for all correspondences of the party

· Prepare regular reports on the state, programmes and activities of the party

· Coordinate and supervise the activities of other national officers and sub national offices

· Uphold hold and defend the constitution of the party

· Represent the party in high level dialogue with government or development partners

· Be as senior adviser (with cabinet rank) to the President when the party forms the government

When one looks at the functions of the secretary general of the SLPP, one will know that the Chairman of the party has a serious stake in the office of the secretary general.

For this reasons, I believe that the Secretary General of the party was wrong to have summoned NEC Meeting, when the Chairman has told them to stop the meeting until further notice.

If the SLPP can allow ego to prevail over common sense, it means that the deep-seated factions will continue in the party and may even cause people to move out of the party.

The SLPP has never been able to win elections when they are divided, they should learn from the Charles Margai factor because if they allow this division to continue and then lose the 2018 elections, they will go into oblivion.

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