The Main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) hope of governance looks like going to the gutter following unending internal strives year in and out.

The SLPP national students union has recently condemned happenings as observed in the party, accusing officials of not providing efficient opposition in checkmating governance conducts of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party, rather have engaged in unending internal fights.

They say just when the party’s elected chairman and leader Somanoh Kapen was suspended for alleged misconduct, later replaced by Prince Harding, factions in commonality with the said deposed chairman held an emergency conference at the Miatta Conference Hall where incidentally they also came up with a resolution to dismiss number of persons holding executive positions in the SLPP.

In the union’s press statement titled: “position statement on the legitimacy of the leadership of the SLPP” it is stated that “the Sierra Leone People’s Party in tertiary institutions expressed concern on the prevailing party controversy over legitimacy of leadership and national officers of the party.”

Continued, “Since the ascension to governance of the ruling APC party, students have been badly affected as a result of the significant drop in the standards of education.”

This, according to them, was due to the absence of a credible constructive resistance by the Sierra Leone People Party being the main opposition political party on issues of governance.

SLPP is one of Africa’s oldest political parties and has had governance and opposition experiences for thirty or so years.

It was the expectation of not only the SLPP Students Union Association but majority of Sierra Leoneans that the party (SLPP) would have provided an exciting opposition to the ruling APC in the enhancement of good governance and growth.

But the inability of the SLPP to perform such a constructive opposition role since 2013 has led to the now observed poverty and the recently announced austerity measures, which in the understanding of some people is that “Sierra Leone is slowly becoming a failed state” if things aren’t quickly addressed.

They say uncalled for happenings in the SLPP has revealed a complete lack of governance ability on the part of the party, which evidently may see them not voted for in the coming general elections.

That the SLPP impasse, supporters say, is stealthily orchestrated by some members of the ruling APC to keep the party disorganize ahead of the 2018 general elections.

Others say that the party is surely not ready to take mantle of leadership from the APC at all.
Their insists are that any party ‘forecasting power’ will put structures in place and not engage in unnecessary internal strife as it is in the SLPP.

However, the party’s national students union has called on the members of the elections monitoring and oversight committee of the SLPP, as chaired by Professor Lawrence Kamara, to conduct elections of national officers and of the Presidential candidate at a clearly constituted national delegate conference.

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