Sierratel Goes APC

President Koroma, of late, has unavoidably come under a barrage of criticism for allowing the APC presidential flag bearer Samura Kamara performing state functions even though he is no-longer a government official.

Just few days past, Samura launched the Sierra Leone Telecommunication (Sierratel) 4G networks on behalf of the president, who initially was invited to perform such function but unavoidably absented himself.

SIERRATEL has come under the radar for allowing the launching of their new product 4G internet system to be politicized.

This, they claim, has seen management of SIERRATEL failing to remember that they are public servants, paid from the consolidated fund yet had allowed a politician who has no business in government to launch the new 4G product.

Many say, however, that the current Director General of SIERRATEL, Edward Sesay had allowed the whole launching to be politicized because he is still in an acting GM position on a year contract, which has expired long ago.

To this, has seen him (Sesay) politicizing the company because he wants his contract to be extended by the National Commission for Privatization (NCP).

It is believed that staffs of SIERRATEL are not happy with the current management and they are in support of the privatization of the company, which to them, is now looking like a money making machine that has been bank rolling the APC campaign.

Interestingly, Samura had relinquished his position as minister following his selection as APC presidential flag bearer by President Koroma.

But since his (Samura) selection, he has been frequently seen roving with the president from one international conference to the other; and within country from pillar to post, in an attempt having the former marketed for vote in the coming elections.

Recently, the president was in Kenema, east of Sierra Leone, where he has arbitrarily allowed Samura commissioned a road construction project on behalf of government.

The advent of such unending development has raised eye brows in many quarters, with the public pointing accusing fingers at the president that he has been abusing state powers timelessly, giving Samura undue advantage over other presidential flag bearers contesting the March 7 elections.

People say the moves by President Koroma to propel Samura to a vantage point could enhance his popularity, which obviously is likely to catapult him to state house come 2018.

Views also expressed by others are that if the President is certain about the popularity of the APC and Samura, he should no doubt create a level playing field for all the political parties and their presidential candidates to go into the contest on an equal footing.

Some members of the public have equally accused the president of being ‘jittery’ about the growing popularity of other political parties including SLPP and NGC, and that if he leaves the game wide open, his man of picking Samura, is likely to lose the elections.

Public opinion samples indicate that people are the least surprised seeing country’s chief executive constantly parading with Samura or sending him to represent him on official programs within and outside Sierra Leone, to, in effect, make him gain clout for vote.

They say Koroma has once vowed campaigning with his flag bearer appointee shoulder to shoulder on to the point of guaranteeing him state house victory.

In that light, the scary public has advised that the president, who doubles as Fountain of Honour, Commander in Chief emulate the shining example set by the late President Kabba, who at such a time, never campaigned or gave Solomon Berewa undue advantage over other presidential flag bearer candidates.

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