Police are currently investigating Sierra Rutile /Illuka for alleged fraudulent conversion and Larceny as a bailey of a sub-massive pump machine valuing over $300,000.

Head of Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Chief Superintendent Tommy yesterday, 3 May told SALONE TIMES that the matter was reported by Transcend Company and that the police are looking into criminal involvement of officials of Sierra Rutile including its current CEO David Alexander Rob, Chief Operation Officer, Shane and Laison Officer, Obafemi Williams.

Police Investigator Marcus explained how the complaint was first made in December 2017, at the Rutile Police Station by Joseph Nana but was transferred to the CID HQ for further investigation in April 2018.

He said the sub-massive pump machine is valued at $300,000 by the complainant, and was allegedly converted by management of Sierra Rutile with parts fraudulently removed from it.

According to Investigator Marcus, Transcend and Sierra Rutile had a contract for which the former (Transcend) initially took some of their equipment to facilities owned by Sierra Rutile.

That upon expiration of the contract, Transcend asked management of Sierra Rutile have equipments transported to facilities owned by them (Sierra Rutile) protected until such a time they (Transcend) will transfer them to a location safer and under their control.

He said complainant Joseph Nana claimed that when finally they decided to take the equipments from the direct custody of Sierra Rutile, they discovered that that some parts were removed from their sub-massive pump machine, and have been fraudulently converted to the benefits of management of Sierra Rutile.

That the complainant also alleged that management of Sierra Rutile was using the questioned sub-massive pump machine devoid of the knowledge of management of Transcend as owners.

Complainant Joseph Nana confirmed that they reported the CEO, Rob Hattingh, Chief Operations Officer Shane and the Liaison Officer between Transcend and Sierra Rutile, Obafemi Williams.

Joseph Nana said that when the contract ended they decided to take all their equipment out of Sierra Rutile but that Rutile said that they did not have a truck and a crane to load the sub-massive pump machines for transportation.

“When they finally decided to give the machines we found out that some parts have been dismantled and it was not in working order, so we reported the matter to Sierra Rutile Police in December 2017,” Joseph Nana claimed.

He continued that despite calls by the Police, the management of Sierra Rutile failed to meet with the police until the matter was transferred to the CID.

Sierra Rutile Sources confirmed that even though the contract of TRANSCEND had expired , Sierra Rutile was still using the pump machine to do mining in other sites which in the process, the pump machine was destroyed.

But Lawyer representing Sierra Rutile/Illuka Roland Wright had said ‘his client is not against the police investigation, rather has asked for a thorough and evenhanded play of justice.”

He revealed how he personally wrote to Transcend on behalf of management of Sierra Rutile for the removal of all their equipment from facilities of the company (Sierra Rutile).

He claimed that Lawyers of TRANSCEND, in response, wrote to his law firm, informing them of the removal of equipments of Transcend from facilities of Sierra Rutile.

“It is a surprise to my client that TRANSCEND is now saying that they unconsciously left a pump machine at Sierra Rutile after confirming in writing that they already removed the equipment some four months from now.

Lawyer Roland Wright gave his analogy on the matter by saying however, “if a carpenter fixed up something in one’s house, and after doing the work and have received payment, came back to say he had forgotten his harmer, makes no sense at all.”

More on this in subsequent editions.

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