Sierra Leoneans in Arizona dish out Goodies to Ebola orphans…

 By David Johnson

 The Sierra Leonean community in Arizona, an organization made up of Sierra Leoneans based in North America past Saturday 25th June ,2016 donated food items as well as educational materials  to  Ebola orphans within the Rokel Community ,geared towards an  approach to mitigate the current challenges those beneficiaries are grappling with. The program took place at the Rokel Community Centre.

Many would agree that when the Ebola virus invaded Sierra Leone, it caused a lot of devastation which undermined national development.

After a conducted health survey, it was also noted that the first cases of Ebola surfaced in the Kailahun district but because Government failed to decisively and promptly tackle it simply because of the country’s debilitating health system and lack of expertise in dealing with an unprecedented and strange enemy, it spread to other parts of the country.

Research further showed that the Ebola virus consumed 140 lives within the Rokel community creating varying negative impacts on affected families and activities in the vicinity.

 Sierra Leoneans living in the United States of America, precisely Arizona deemed it wise and incumbent to render support to orphans whose parents were wiped out as a result of contracting the virus.

It came out clearly, during the program, that it was not the first time the organization has made such humanitarian gestures to less unfortunate persons.  

 Presenting 50bags of rice and other educational materials, the Chairman of Sierra Leoneans in Arizona –USA, Mr. Minkailu Kamara, pointed out that the items were donated as a way of expressing sympathy and contributing towards reducing abject poverty in the homes of children who lost one or two parents in the cold hands of the Ebola virus.

He stated, “the organization since its inception in the United States of America has always focused on humanity which is why we are lending our support towards not only the Ebola orphans but also persons with disability and the disadvantaged as a whole”. 

 The Chairman admonished and encouraged the beneficiaries to be courageous stressing that all is not lost calling on them  to  concentrate on their studies additionally underscoring how education is the bedrock that will propel them into better positions in the future.

He thanked the Village Head, Madam Yamedei Langley for being part of the program saying that such gestures by other humanitarian organizations will lessen the sufferings of residents.  

In an exclusive interview with the parent, Fatu Conteh, of a beneficiary  staying at John Thorpe,  one of the most affected areas in  the Rokel Community, she explained how their lives were affected revealing that she lost eleven children.

She thanked members of the Arizona- Sierra Leonean organization for what she described as a timely gesture saying that they will continue to appreciate such gestures.

Thanking the entire membership of Sierra Leoneans in Arizona –USA, Madam Yamedei Langley expressed profound gratitude to them for exhibiting love, patriotism and concerns for their unfortunate compatriots in Sierra Leone.


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