Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella nicknamed KKY Tuesday 5th announces his resignation from the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party to join a newly formed National Grand Coalition (NGC) party.

His resignation saw handful of renowned party stalwarts the likes of former Vice President Joe Demby, M.A Sandy, others uniformly also leaving the SLPP to equally register as members of the NGC party.

KKY’s attachment to the SLPP was based on his childhood belief that his father and family made huge sacrifices to the establishment of the party.

That great men and women such as Sir Milton Margai, Bai Farama Tass, others have played their parts to uphold the dignity and respectability of the SLPP party with the strong values of rule of law, preservation of unity, guarantee of freedom and justices.

According to KKY, the SLPP is today a caricature of SLPP’s founding fathers’ suffering, and is currently under a mis-leadership that continues to thrive on violence, lack of respect for elders, falsehood, betrayal, violation of rules, manipulation of people with messages of division, dark schemes and designs, lack of focus and loss of credibility.

He claimed his coming into politics after years of work in the United Nations has been to reset Sierra Leoneans on the progressive trajectory by improving governance, reducing mass poverty, curbing corruption, fostering national cohesion, providing hope and opportunities for all.

Since 2014 to date, the SLPP has been in serious disagreement from within, that which has seen number of court cases against the party, and by members of the party.

Recently, there was a court case against the SLPP in which some members claimed that a lower level elections held in 39 constituencies violate the party’s constitution.

It is true other party officials the likes of Maada Bio, John Benjamin, Isatu Kabbah, others have had grievances against each other even as they fight for leadership in the party.

This, however, has seen the party disintegrating into things uncalled for and unwarranted of a main opposition political party months to the national general elections.

KKY’s and others leaving of the SLPP is an indication that the party is obviously not prepared for the coming 2018 elections.New

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