“The police at Congo Cross told me they’ve sent case and enquiry file on the murder of my son Thomas Samba, to office of the DPP for legal advice, and that culprits Mrs. Wills (Services School Bursur), others have been released,” father Cpl David Samba unhappily told the New Age press as he expresses surprise over their handling of the matter on the mysterious death of his son.

Cpl Samba claimed his son’s death is strange and that the police have no legal authorization to have released persons suspected of murdering him.

The autopsy as done on late Thomas Samba has shown how the boy suffered spinal injury, dislocation fracture of the cervical vertebrae, cerebral anoxia, skull fracture and blunt force injury, which in a way creates a room of suspicion that there was foul-smelling play surrounding such a death.

Died on 16th March, Thomas remains was discovered in the office of the Principal of Services Secondary School, a school he was attending as SS2 pupil.

But Services School authorities claimed he committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope at the window of the office of the Principal after accused of stealing thirty five thousand Leones from office of the school’s bursar, Mrs Wills.

Police say they have had the School’s bursar, Mrs Wills, others as suspects and were behind bars for days.

That the late boy used to have unfettered access to offices of both the Principal and Bursar, and was daily seen/tasked cleaning the said offices.

Preceding the boy’s death, we are told, he was accused of stealing thirty five thousand from office of the bursar just after doing his usual office cleaning routine.

This, they say, resulted in him being unlawfully placed under solitary confinement (locked up) at the Principal’s office, the result of which has seen his strange death.

It was discovered that having been accused of stealing money from bursar Mrs. Wills, Thomas was crudely dealt with, put under duress, forced to admit to allegation of stealing, mobbed, before locked up in the office by school authorities.

What seems not clear anyhow is the fact that the Police at Congo Cross woefully released persons believed of having hands in the death of the boy, not even waiting on advice of the director of publication prosecution; which certainly is in contravention of rules explaining murder investigation.

Any death resulting in spinal injury (at level C3- C4), dislocation fracture of cervical vertebrae, cerebral anoxia, skull fracture and blunt force injury, requires extensive police investigation, a police investigator told our ace reporter.

That it was unprofessionally of the police at Congo Cross to have written a letter to the senior government pathologist, Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma (CSP), asking him desist from conducting postmortem on the deceased, stating reason that the biological parents including the father Cpl David Samba do not wish to pursue with the matter as they are of the conviction that there has been no foul play on the death of their son.

Copy of such letter is with this press and will be published in the soonest possible time.

Accusations are that the police may have been placed under some form of monetary obligation by persons suspected of murdering Thomas Samba.

Experts have accused the police of investigation misconduct more so that their action in releasing on bail of Mrs Wills, others contradict basic policing principles in the investigation of murder and related felonious cases.

The circumstance as shown in the cause of death seems indisputable, in that death of the boy may have been caused by serious physical force.

Concerns are that because the boy had died owing to manual and ligature strangulation, the police do not have the legal authorization to have released any person suspected of murdering him.

Father Military Corporal David Samba said “my son who earlier was accused of committing suicide left me without any option but to ask the police hand over his remains for a befitting burial.”

“Even though I previously had told the police I wasn’t interested in any form of postmortem, rather want them hand over remains of my son to me for burial, my mind changed after the postmortem was done and it was proven that my son was brutally murdered.”

“And because the cause of death contradicts sayings of Services School authorities, I therefore had to call on the police to dig deep and bring to book any person found culpable of murdering my son.”

“I am therefore calling on authorities concerned to please give justice to my late son.”

However, the Crime Officer Congo Cross Police Station admits he had released suspect Mrs Wills, others, but said same was stiffly done.

He did not say whether they intend charge the matter to court for judicial hearing.


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