Chairman of the constituted Social Services and Human Development Sector and Commissioner of NaCSA, Alie Badara Mansaray has encouraged members of that sector to strengthen coordination, build synergy and provide support for increased efficiency, productivity and maximum programme outcomes.

The NaCSA Commissioner who is viewed by many as an experienced and influential administrator emphasized the need to minimize friction within the Sectors while improving on inter coordination in achieving the aim of performance contracting in Government’s Service Delivery Agencies and Commissions.

Mr. Mansaray was unanimously placed at the helm of affairs by members of the sector to provide leadership and help ensure inter institutional coordination of the sector. 

In their maiden sector meeting held last week at the NaCSA Board room in Freetown, Heads of the Social Services and Human Development Sector resolved to effectively collaborate in a bid to improve the general performance of individual institutions and the sector as a whole.

Members of the Sector also committed themselves to collectively complement each other’s roles in carrying out responsibilities by sharing relevant information without infringing on individual mandates, share useful experience and expertise plus knowledge management in achieving a desired national goal.

During the session, a representatives from Guma Valley Water Company, Maada Kpenge appealed to ‘high performing’ institutions to share their experiences and help promote peer review mechanism among them.

Augustine Abu of the Sierra Leone Postal Services (SALPOST) called for the Identification of existing gaps to help non- performing institutions catch up with the rest of the others.

Commissioner of the National Youth Commission, Anthony Koroma observed that complementing of efforts requires the exchange of institutional successes, challenges and coping mechanisms.

The Sector meeting was held following the just concluded Performance Management Capacity Building workshop organized by the Office of the Chief of Staff where Agencies and Commissions were trained on how to improve their overall performance especially in the effective implementation of the Agenda for Prosperity.

Over 45 Institutional were realigned in which the leaders made commitments to ensure corporate governance in addressing cross-cutting issues that serve as bottlenecks in effectively achieving performance contracting of Government institutions.

National Social Security Insurance Trust, Sierra Leone Postal Services, Sierra Leone Port Authority, Pharmacy Board Sierra Leone, National Youth Commission, Sierra Leone National Shipping Company, Sierra Leone Roads Transport Corporation, Guma, Valley Water Company and National Commission for Social Action were realigned under the Social Services Sector.

This Sector is due to meet in a fortnight to finalize a draft MOU put together by the members in mapping a way forward in their operations.


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