By Ibrahim Samura

When recently it came to the hearing of the easy to fool electorates that a diamond weighing 709 carats was found, of course, the second of the largest ever in Sierra Leone, I shook my head, meditated and then said: “a bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men.”

Don’t even ask me why, because the answers are already on the walls boldly written though.

The place called Kono; where no doubt the talked about 709 carats diamond was few weeks found, is Sierra Leone’s remotest district. Very true, I must say.

And this is so because I have myself been in ‘Kono,’ a district I know better than even some of those as indigenes.

But as earlier said: “a bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men,” brings to the fact that in 2012 and 13 alone, Sierra Leone exported over five hundred thousand carats of diamonds; a four thousand times bigger than the noisily preached out 709 carats diamond.

You may want to ask why recount on 2012 and 13 to a surprising single stone diamond of 709 carats.

My straightforward but clearly defined answer relates to the fact that on receiving the recently found diamond at his state house office, President Koroma said: “the diamond will be sold here in Sierra Leone, make the most of its proceed in developing Kono district and of course Sierra Leone as a nation,” as if diamonds over the years found, far outweighing quality and cost of the 709 carats diamond, have done any good to Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans anyhow.

Come to think of it though! In 2013 alone, diamonds so far exported from Sierra Leone amounted to 331,471 carats and valued USD $102, 205, 588; need not mention years down the line at all.

So, aren’t diamonds exported from Sierra Leone in 2013 not enough to have changed the way of life of the Konos and of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans, who years countless, have been swimming in indescribable poverty, save to say ‘dying’ owing to lack of food or no proper diet as but life undeniable?

Whether a ‘SAND SAND’ diamond (by interpretation ‘of no value’) as mockingly called, my conviction; one completely unchanging, is that one has to be a lowbrow, a bit of a murderer, to be an African politician, ready and willing to see people sacrificed, slaughtered for the sake of an idea, whether a good one or a bad one you know.

This I say and have said, as I will want readers imbibe, as we together eliminate bad politics and politicians in place of a ‘third force’ even as we make the change, and change them all in 2018; so as to make Sierra Leone, a nation rich in resources but the ‘poorest’ the world over be on equal ratings with developing African countries in the years to come.

Not too sure that ‘yellow’ or ‘SAND SAND’ 709 carats diamond do have the money value as pretentiously but lousily sermonized by so-called political folks though.

My suspicions are that because the ruling All People Congress (APC) party seems losing hold of Kono (a swing district in the politics of Sierra Leone), their unsurpassed and unavoidable strategy will be to deceive the Konos into believing that the 709 carats diamond will be used to bring life to their district (Kono); a thing they (APC) have not done in nine years of governance.

Isn’t it what people call the ‘Machavealean Strategy’ of governance; ‘rule by fraud or by force’ that the APC is tactfully bringing into Sierra Leone?

And for goodness, wasn’t it a surprise to Sierra Leoneans hearing President Koroma, in his attempt currying public favour as he receives the 709 carat diamond saying also: “this is my first time holding a diamond,” a statement viewed by many as a-from-top-to-bottom ridicule?

No wonder a U.S statesman, John Foster Dulles claimed nonetheless that “natural science has exceeded moral and political science.”

Oh yes, even though too bad; it is a fact, and the fact does not disappear at all because we close our eyes to it.
The American statesman, of course, has said it all, you know.

That African politicians deceive society because of power, and forget what the future holds for them. History, over the years, has shown how children of bad politicians have had curses followed them, some pushed to becoming beggars, rapists, madmen, you name them.

And so, as a journalist; a profession as referenced in Revelation 1:19 of the holy Bible by Mother Theressa as divine (read it please), I am therefore left without option but give to Sierra Leonean politicians my piece of advice, although I still remember how much is left over from last year’s unused, perhaps one of the only positive piece of advices that I was ever given by my late father, Pa Momodu Samura: “only two rules really count. Never miss an opportunity to relieve yourself; never miss a chance to sit down and rest your feet.”

Hope you study what my father meant, possibly study it well, and then get it as your guide as you serve.

As society’s governors, think twice, do things right, serve your consciences correctly, that the future will not judge you bad, but right, in the years to come.


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