Certain things happen in life that cannot be fully comprehended if not witnessed.

The return of Sam Sumana to Kono is one such event. According to the 2015 Population and Housing Census, there are about 506,100 people in Kono.

How then do you explain over a million people coming out to welcome His Excellency Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana on his return to Kono.

February 6th 2018, will remain a day to remember in the politics of Sierra Leone.

It was the day that the people of Sierra Leone, not just Kono, showed their love for Chief Sam Sumana.

He had been away from Kono for about three years.

The reason for the long absence from his home district was down to the machinations of the APC party operatives, who were hell bent on harming the man of the people.

His political party from birth had expunged him on dubious grounds.

They had tried to kill him with the Ebola virus. They replaced his security guards on a whim, putting his life in grave danger.

They effectively hounded him out of Sierra Leone because they knew him to be a man of peace who would not risk the prosperity of his country.

Instead of causing mayhem from his strong followers, he chose to run so seven million people would not have to run again.

Whilst many branded him a coward, he was steadfast in his belief that the court system was the best recourse for justice. Our constitution, which he signed up to uphold, was being trampled upon by Supreme Court judges who gave an opinion that was at odds with that of many other.

He sought legal redress at the ECOWAS Courts, and won. Awarded $210million, he gave up his claim to it, on the understanding that Sierra Leone needs it more.

He came in to register to vote and faced threats and intimidation.

His passport was taken off him and his flight back to Ghana to continue with his ECOWAS action was almost interrupted.

Through all this harassment, Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana remained steadfast.

He never lost the resolve for justice.

In the end, he prevailed. On the 6th February 2018, the people of Sierra Leone rewarded him with the biggest gathering of people that Kono had ever seen.

The local leaders voluntarily declared a day of ‘NO SCHOOL … NO MAKIT’.
Speaking to locals in Kono, it became apparent that such a move, to suspend schools and market trading for one day, was unprecedented.

Chief Alhaji Sidique Sam Sumana is the game-changer in Sierra Leone politics.

He continues to be treated as a leading statesman by regional leaders.

He continues to be revered by the people of Sierra Leone.

He continues to be a man of peace. Above all, Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana continues to enjoy the love of all Sierra Leoneans.

His Coalition for Change (C4C) party continues to make amazing strides in the political arena in Sierra Leone.

The latest party to join his coalition is the Peoples Democratic League, with a stronghold in the Bombali District.

This shows that, Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana continues to enjoy the confidence of the people of Sierra Leone.

If the ONE MILLION turnout in a city of just over half a million people is anything to go by, Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana and his C4C party are destined for State House with a landslide victory, as continuously predicted by his official Spokesperson, Lawrence Spencer-Coker.

He is quoted as saying, “One million people cannot be wrong. Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana is the next president of Sierra Leone. He is due back on Kono on 28th February 2018. One wonders, how many will turn out then?”

Don’t be surprised to witness another blockbuster event in Kono.

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