Erstwhile vice president, Chief Samuel Sam-Sumana has been awarded ‘PERSON OF THE YEAR’ (West Africa category) in the United States.

The award is in recognition of his relentless fight for peace and justice in Sierra Leone and in the continent of Africa.

Sam-Sumana enters the United States without a glitch and was held in high esteem by the US State Department.
His statesman’s arrival thwarts misconceptions once scattered to mislead people that he has been banned from going to the US.

They say his increased respect and honour is but a momentary victory and complete accomplishment.

That he is a paragon of civility. His history and actions simply demonstrates statesmanship.

The demand and rise of Sam Sumana continues to be valued and admired the world over as he moves smoothly in Sierra Leone’s 2018 Presidential Arena.

The award was conferred to him past Saturday in Michigan in the United States.

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