Elected but erstwhile Sierra Leone Vice President, Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana 8th April said it is unconstitutional to force people to register.

He made this statement in response to activities observed in Bombali and Kailahun Districts, where incidentally people have been restricted from doing their normal business because they want them participate in the ongoing voters registration process.

He admonished politicians avoid forcing people partake of the current voters registration but rather give them the confidence to do so.

His argument was that much as it is a civic responsibility, there is no law in country’s law books compelling registration.

That authorities concerned should investigate why there is huge decline in the current registration process, to help understand the solution to the problem.

“I advised Sierra Leoneans own the process as it will determine the future of the country,” Sam Sumana said.

Adding nonetheless that in a democratic setting, the only weapon one has to remove a rogue system is by voting.

He urged all come out in their numbers and register.

He promised he will soon return home and be a part of the process.

“As I speak to you, I am currently in Ghana putting things together as I join compatriot Sierra Leoneans take part in the coming 2018 election,” he continued.

The voters’ registration process has been very disappointing.

The process itself has been slow and daunting.

Research so far conducted has shown that the number of participation is far below the 2012 elections registration.

According to Ibrahim Sesay, a trader doing business at Salad Ground, he said people no longer trust persons parading as politicians in the country.

He claimed people seem not interested in any form of voting because they participated in severally electioneering processes but have benefitted nothing.

The registration process is expected to end on 16th April, 2017, and that if the electoral body does not engage in serious voters’ education and sensitization, the 2018 elections may disenfranchise many, with many resorting into voters’ apathy.


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