Bobs… so SAM DI MANA has sent a strongly worded letter to his good old friend, The SUPREMO, informing him that he will soon return home to, of course, take part in the current voters registration process, and by extension forewarning him of his safety as he participates fully in the coming elections though.

Well, and if SONKOH SONKOH is to say what he knows, it seems as if SAM DI MANA has vouched leaving no stone unturned, but crush anyone standing in his way as he fights becoming Sierra Leone’s next ORKRUPA.

Hmmmm things look like fearful in party FALLING SUN oh!

They say ever since the SUPREMO received a warning letter from SAM DI MAMA, he has been having sleepless nights, and has asked his ‘congossa’ followers step up their ‘congossaing’ tricks to enable them monitor activities of the Kono politician, who likely may soon announce name of his political party as he bravely face it up with party FALLING SUN in 2018.

What! Who says the SUPREMO has been using an underground line of attack to settle friction with his good old friend- SAM DI MANA- though.

You know what? When SONKOH SONKOH was told that SUPREMO was in Abuja to secretly settle things with his good friend SAM DI MAMA, he laughed, and said: “hmmm, e look lek say water don pass gari oh!”

But wasn’t this same SAM DI MANA man SUPREMO had sacked as country’s Vice President because people say his agenda seems not correspond with SUPREMO’s own?

A question though! But who the cap fit make e werr am ya!

Can someone confirm to the SONKOH SONKOH content as in letter addressed to the SUPREMO, and of course copied the international community by the lawyer of the great SAM DI MANA!

Wasn’t it explanatory of the fact that the talked about ECOWAS case is on course and that even if SUPREMO exits power in 2018, same will trouble him?

Ten God nar question di SONKOH SONKOH ask.

The gossip chat has indicated that disgruntled party FALLING SUN members have secretly paid homage to SAM DI MAMA and have equally assured him of their full support as they together handicap the SUPREMO of becoming life time chairman and leader of party FALLING SUN.

Wonder how some of those secretly supporting SAM DI MANA will have to go about their plans.

Because SONKOH SONKOH knows the SUPREMO has put measures in place to make sure his cousin, YOHN DI RUTILE be the next cardcarrier of party FALLING SUN, and by extension see him graciously act as life time chairman and leader as planned.

Nor men dem ya SUPREMO! Den nor no say u nar di SUPREME leader of Sierra Leone bra!

Ah, ah, ah, this one sober you know!

The dance seems getting sweeter than expected in party FALLING SUN these days

They say over eighteen people have shown interest in the leadership of the party.

Just hope things will not bear the resemblance of what’s currently happening in party TORKPOI oh, where fighting has certainly degenerated to almost a rebel war.

Anyway, SONKOH SONKOH wants all know it that he has heartedly welcome SAM DI MAMA.

He has, because he is a democrat and believes in the attributes of democracy too.

E lek den swell den face lek uo dat den fat pan, SONKOH SONKOH nor care. He mus welcome SAM DI MANA gbet!


How shameful it is seeing a whole capital city malformed into a store house of filths.

SONKOH SONKOH was yesterday taken aback when incidentally he literally saw city’s highways, off roads, streets and corners filled with filths indisposed.

When he asked why? Nobody, not even the city Major was able answer him at all.

But as SONKOH SONKOH eventually contacted officials of Masenda Waste Company, he was surprisingly told that the city Major and team have chopped money set aside for the collection and transportation of waste from transit points to dumping sites.

Nor di word dat! He said.

But how for goodness would a whole city Major not pays money owed a whole company for eight months of work.

By the way, did the SONKOH SONKOH hear people accusing the city Major of recruiting street boys; then also supplying them with buckets so that they can collect waste from transit points in the capital?

Looks like Sierra Leone is slowly going crazy though.

How for goodness sake those who say are country’s governors would think this childish that they could wickedly not pay waste collectors for eight months?

Anyway, show the SONKOH SONKOH your friend and he will tell you who you are.

Of course, that’s how it’s in Sierra Leone these days.

Like the SONKOH SONKOH was recently told: “if filths found indisposed in communities in the capital city are left unattended to in just a week, it is possible cholera, typhoid, malaria and of course dysentery will take over.”

This of course has worried the SONKOH SONKOH and therefore has asked those responsible for waste management take prompt action in doing what’s right of them and of society, and not make people die of killable diseases owing to filths.

Masenda must be paid the one billion and six hundred thousand Leones owed them, or SONKOH SONKOH will be left without option but go after that alcoholic city major unavoidable.

Oh! Can it be true that the city Major may have gulped money meant to pay Masada in drinking alcohol! This cannot be true at all.

But wae Salone nar country, man nor go surprise at all!


Trouble don fordom na dis kontri ya! It seems as though everyone wants to have his own political party oh!
And it’s like everybody wants to be leader and no one wants to be follower.

SONKOH SONKOH believes KYK of United Nations fame should have formed his own political party long ago.

This is so because people have longed fed up with TORKPOI and FALLING SUN parties.

Well, KKY was once spotted as saying that he believes his father’s party (TORKPOI) is the best.

Now that he has decided to form a political party, SONKOH SONKOH wishes him good-luck but thinks he will have not
much impact as CHARLIE BOY had in 2007.

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  • June 8, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    You look at this from far more than one view point. You remind me of my uncle back in Delaware. To think, I was really confused a moments ago.


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