Police sources say there is satisfactory evidence of larceny (in simple terms ‘stealing’) against management of Sierra Rutile/ILLUKA following investigation of a sub-massive pump machine as owned by Transcend Company.

Claims are that a mini dredge plant with a sub-massive pump machine and ponttoon attached, was reportedly in the custody of management of Sierra Rutile/ILLUKA management, but as at time of handing over of same to Transcend (being rightful owners), it was discovered that parts attached to, especially the sub-massive pump machine, was reportedly noticeably missing.

Officials of Transcend say they had conveyed their equipments to mining sites of ILLUKA owing to a contract awarded them by the latter vis-à-vis mining related concerns.

That shortly after the contract was cancelled, with management of Transcend asked to transport equipments they had conveyed to mining concession areas of ILLUKA, they (Transcend) were refused to away their sub-massive pump machine on the condition that they were to do ‘in-house cleaning’ on areas the equipments were packed.

This, Transcend officials say, had left them without option but go by the conditioned ‘in-house cleaning’ as was imposed on them by management of ILLUKA.

But that things adversely turned out to be a disappointment shortly after they (Transcend) had done the ‘in-house cleaning’ and the verge of receiving their sub-massive pump machine, later found out that same had been removed from its original position and taken to ILLUKA’s dredge area; a distance of about 700-800 yards.

Police say Rob Hattingh, chief executive officer, Shane, chief operations officer and Obafemi Williams, liaison officer are suspects of the investigation, but that no more than CEO Rob Hattingh has made statement to the allegation.

CSP Tommy, Head of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) said the matter was first reported at the Rutile Police Station by one Joseph Nana of Transcend Company in 2017, but was transferred to CID HQ following refusal by officials of Sierra Rutile to answer to polite police invitation for statement making.

He said police are fundamentally looking into criminal involvement of officials of ILLUKA as alleged, and if there is sufficient evidence, will have persons culpable charged to court for legal conclusion.

However, detective investigator Marcus told NEW AGE that the complaint against ILLUKA was first made in 2017, at the Rutile Police Station.

The sub-massive pump machine in questioned is worth over $300,000, complainant Joseph Nanah said.

That the sub-massive pump machine, according to police discovery, had parts removed from it by presumably persons working for ILLUKA under whose custody it was, or someone unknown.

Marcus further said that Transcend Company and ILLUKA initially had a contract for which the former (Transcend) took their equipments to facilities owned and belonging to management of ILLUKA.

But upon expiration of the said contract, Transcend asked management of Sierra Rutile takes preliminary custody of their equipments until such time they will be in the position of transporting them to a location of their own.

Nana stated in his statement to the police that when incidentally his company (Transcend) decided to take their equipments from the direct custody of management of Sierra Rutile, it was found out that parts were removed from the sub-massive pump machine, which no doubt had prompted them making a formal complaint to the police.

Findings are that management of IILUKA, at one point, dismantled the machine and transported same to a location unknown and in the process of pairing it, have some of the parts missing.

Roland Wright, lawyer representing Sierra Rutile Company said ‘his client is not against any form of police inquiry, but asked that same is carefully and evenhandedly done.’

He revealed how he personally wrote a letter to Transcend on behalf of management of Sierra Rutile for the removal of all their equipment from facilities of the company (Sierra Rutile).

He claimed that the Lawyer of TRANSCEND, in response, wrote to his law firm, informing them of the removal of all equipments of Transcend from facilities of Sierra Rutile.

“It is a surprise to my client that TRANSCEND is now saying that they left a pump machine at the compound of Sierra Rutile when long ago they have confirmed in writing that they already have removed all their equipment there.”

It is still not known whether the police have taken statements from the remaining two suspects (Shane and Obafemi Williams), but inside police sources say the matter will likely be sent to court as there is evidence pointing against management of Sierra Rutile vis-à-vis allegations of larceny/ stealing of parts from the pump machine in questioned.


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