Four political parties- RUFP, PLP, PDP and CDP- Monday 7th November have submitted letter of consent to the Political Parties Registration Commission to form an alliance/coalition in the 2018 elections.

Reasons compelling the formation of the said alliance came owing to the fact that two of Sierra Leone’s oldest political parties (the ruling All Peoples Congress and opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party) have outlived their usefulness, and for six decades failed the country on issues of governance.

They claimed that the named traditional parties have been in governance for years but did nothing, rather have had their hands into corruption, bad governance, human rights violations, other ills; which, according to them, had caused wars spearheaded by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) fighting factions in the 1990s and early 2000s.

“The RUF came with a revolution in 1991, and our intention was to fight and remove the corrupt APC government from power, because we wanted to see a Sierra Leone that is free of bad governance and human rights violations and, to have got rid of fraud politicians from the governance of the country,” PLP leader Dr. Barbar Kondeh said.

“Regardless of the years of wars experienced in the country in the 90s, governments, particularly APC and SLPP, overlooked recommendations in the truth and reconciliation report shortly after the wars ended in 2002, and as a result paid no attention to the lives of millions of Sierra Leoneans, rather have had their hands in corrupt practices all through and through.”

The membership of RUFP and PLP argued they have been involved in the country’s wars, but accepted peace and so security, to them, stands paramount.

That they have agreed joining other political parties to form a coalition so as to enable them, in cooperation with others, redeem Sierra Leone from the hands of greedy and unpatriotic politicians through the ballot box.

Their premise on the formation of a coalition is based on part 111 (3) section 18 (2) (C) which states that “a coalition is formed or intended, the political parties involved shall continue to exist in their individual capacities.”

This, according to them, is but the basis for them coming together with the sole aim of saving Sierra Leone from corrupt government and politicians.

In their memorandum of understanding, it is stated that they intend establish a progressive state built on democracy, unity, freedom and justice, where the welfare and security of the citizenry is paramount.

It also states that all the parties that entered into the agreement to form the coalition must not withdraw until after the 2018 general elections.

However, PPRC’s Chair, Justice Patrick Omolade Hamiton has confirmed to the NEW AGE that he has received a letter and memorandum of understanding from the four political parties that have agreed on forming a coalition in the 2018 elections.

He said his commission is currently looking into the merit and legality of the application and will come to a conclusion on whether they are qualified or not, in the shortest possible time.

Although the four political parties have agreed to use the CDP as frontrunner in the coming elections, they are yet to choose a leader and presidential candidate that will take the coalition to the 2018 elections.


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