Robbers Jailed For Stealing Diamond…

By Alhaji Koroma

Magistrate Albert Moody of court 1 Wednesday 26th sent three of the four accused to prison for the offence of arm robbery.

Accused Abdulai Kargbo, Mohamed Koroma and two others were charged with conspiracy and larceny contrary to section 2 (32) of the Larceny Act of 1916.

It is alleged that the accused persons attacked complainant Mohamed Marrah while he was in his car and stole therein a brief case containing fourteen pieces of diamonds, pieces of gold, seven thousand two hundred united states dollars, three million Leones, a national identity card, banks identity cards and a political party identity card bearing the photos of the complaint and other relevant documents.

In his testimony, prosecution witness 1, Mohamed Marrah, noted however that after the attack by the alleged robbers, a poda poda driver Abu Bakar Jalloh tried rescuing him but failed.

That he recognizes the first accused.

Adding that after the attack by the alleged robbers, he reported the matter at the Eastern Police station on the following day.

He pointed out that three days after, he was called upon by the police and told some of the suspects have been caught.

That he was asked to identify especially the first accused Mohamed Koroma, which he did.

Mohamed stated that the accused persons admitted committing the offence though.

He said since the incident occurred he has not recovered his lost items.

He recalled a search was conducted in the homes of the accused persons but said nothing was reported found by the

The case is adjourned to Monday 1st August, 2017.

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