Rip-off… Rogue Le64 Billion NASSIT Contract

Just about a week of President Koroma’s witnessing a declaration against corruption at the AU, NASSIT’s Director General Joseph Sedu Mans is said to have caused the approval of US$8 million (correspondingly Le 64 billion) web based contract to Silver Lakes without the approval of the board and unconcluded procurement procedures.

Sources say NASSIT failed doing due diligence on Silver Lakes, a Malaysian firm operating in Ghana.

Findings are that the Ghanaian Social Security even warned NASSIT-SL not to engage in any transaction with a firm that is ultimately dysfunctional following a US$72 million procurement scam.

They say a ballooned US$27 million to US$72 million project has seen the Ghanaian government now reviewing conducts of the firm.

The element of fraud in the Ghanaian procurement has also seen several people fired and some potentially going to jail.

Questions as raised are that NASSIT under Joseph Mans may not have approved the US$8 million I.T project to a firm of questionable disposition without the approval of the board.

Joseph Mans is due retirement in March and as head of NASSIT, it is alleged that he has unavoidably gifted the contract to Silver Lakes for a presumed reward from them.

The said procurement process seems completely ill advised to the point that some within NASSIT have seen it as a complete sabotage of Sierra Leone’s social security advancement.

Unconfirmed information is that the legal division at NASSIT has written to the Director General that it will not write any agreement on the project on grounds of anti-corruption’s laws.

It is true NASSIT, years ago, purchased ferries which saw the anti-corruption compelling many including Edmund Koroma, current Sierra Leone financial secretary and close ally of the APC presidential candidate Samura Kamara make a refund of billions of Sierra Leone’s moneys.

It is clear that the death of corporate governance in the overseeing of the procurement of the project at NASSIT was due to the fact that other than the board chair and other members, Joseph Mans sadly had influenced the process all because he is having serious supremacy fight with the membership of the board of NASSIT.

Documents in the custody of this press revealed how Joseph Mans and the board chair Yeabu Kamara have not been

Seeing eye to eye due to serious superiority rift for months now.

Osman Kamara, corporate affairs director at NASSIT admits the US$8 million web based program contract was won by Silver Lakes, a Malaysian company operating in Ghana, but claimed same was advertised in the newspapers with number of companies bidding.

He claimed the process was monitored by officials of National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) and was done according to law.

He denied knowledge of supremacy rift between the head of NASSIT and the Trust’s board chair, but admits also that there have been exchanged of correspondences between the two.

When New Age contacted NASSIT’s Director General Joseph Sedu Mans, he said nothing but kept sealed lips.
We intend bring to light activities of Silver Lakes in

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